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Alright, as we speak the rappers are headed overseas once again to rock a few quick festivals out in Europe.  They’ll be hitting the Netherlands on the 12th (headlining club show), Belgium on the 13th (Dour Festival), and Germany on the 14th (Hip Hop Open).  Then Dessa sticks around for a couple days to play a solo show in Warsaw, Poland on the 15th.  Details and ticket information for all shows are available right HERE.  If you live out that way or no of anyone that does, please help us spread the word.  Breaking into new territories is no joke.  

In less internationally glamorous/more small time local news, I have finally gotten my garage in a clean enough state to have my very first garage sale!  Never thought I’d see the day to be honest with you.  It may be the nesting phase with this new baby, or finally watching one too many episodes of Hoarders, but I’ve decided to comb through and clean out a good majority of my vinyl record collection.  We’ll have 2,000+ used records for sale, mostly from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  Rock/Jazz/Soul/R&B/Indie (no lame holiday or church records, promise).  Plus a weird collection of CDs and DVDs from my Columbia House days, haha.  

It all goes down this Saturday, July 14, from 8:00-4:00 over in South Minneapolis.  Everything is priced between $1-$3.  Details and directions are available right HERE.  Hope to see some of you out there.  Oh, and if you bring over some cold Mike’s Hard Strawberry we might even be able to make some sort of a trade.

That’s about it for news this week.  Definitely stay tuned though, because next week we’re gonna have a TON of extremely awesome and exciting Paper Tiger details to discuss.  That man is a crusher.  I’ll leave you with a couple Bonus Jams from two phenomenal records that both dropped today.  First up is Frank Ocean.  Def Jam decided to release the digital version of Channel Orange a week early and that means that everybody wins.  Just finished downloading this on iTunes, but based off the singles alone I already have a feeling this could be an Album of the Year contender.  From his solo work to his guest hooks, I think this dude is the truth and is only getting better.  Check out his first live television performance from last night on the Jimmy Fallon Show.  So awesome.

And you can listen to the nearly 10 minute long “Pyramids” below.  

Lastly, Aesop Rock just dropped his new long awaited solo joint, Skelethon, today as well.  This is one of the absolute few dudes out there doing it that every single member of Doomtree can agree on.  Labor Days dropped back when we were all just really starting up, and it made a huge impact on me from a production and songwriting standpoint.  Been following him ever since.  Waiting for the iTunes download to finish up on this one too, but based off the snippets I’ve heard, it’s sounding real tough.  Check out “Zero Dark Thirty” and “ZZZ Top” (best song title of the year) below.

Ok, that about does it.  Have a wonderful week and I’ll hope to see some of you out at this crazy garage sale on Saturday (not joking about the Mike’s Hard).  For those that have been asking for an update on Penny, here are a couple pretty incredible Bonus Baby Pics to tide you over.  She just officially hit the six pounds mark, and has been eating like a serious champ.  She also is pretty into Della the Dog and cool shades, as you’ll see below.  See you next week with that Paper Tiger announcement!

— Beak