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Well, last weekend was truly the best.  Never thought I’d ever get an opportunity to go to Lollapalooza, let alone play on its main stage.  Below is the epic photo recap of our little mini trip to the Chi.  

Papes flew in from NYC late Thursday night to sign every pre-ordered copy of Summer EP and Beat Tape like a true pro.  Thanks again so much to everyone that picked up the pre-order.  All CDs will be shipping out tomorrow!

We took off Friday afternoon on a very leisurely drive down to Chicago.  Here’s Mike rocking a couple delicious SNAXXX.  Tons more info on that project coming real soon, promise.

We got to Lollapalooza bright and early, as we were the first act on the South Main Stage, in some pretty good company might I add.

Our publicist Mary rode down with us partially to help us get to all of our press engagements, but mostly to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers, her favorite band of ALL TIME.  This was posted by all security check points so that no one hassled the band.  A seriously new level of Big Time.

RHCP techs sound checking and setting up a massive backline.  It was pretty funny to watch a 30 person crew push all of this stuff to the side and then set up one 6 foot table in the middle of the stage for our gear.  Next time we’re bringing multiple percussion risers for sure.

Here’s the view from soundcheck before doors opened.  Felt like some sort of post apocalyptic science fiction movie or something  

And here’s the awesome view from the set itself!  I was super worried we’d be playing to about 15 people since we went on so early, but it really filled in nicely throughout the set.  More importantly I think we actually won the crowd over, which can be super difficult at huge festivals like this when most people probably haven’t heard of you.

Here’s a pic my cousin-in-law Kyle took from the crowd.  That was by far the biggest stage I’ve ever played on.  Totally awesome.  If you wanna see a bunch more pictures and some positive reviews of the set, click the following links for write ups from Time Out Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Village Voice, Chicago Sun Times, Brooklyn Vegan, and City Pages.  And this just in, TIME just picked us as one of their “11 Great Bands You Don’t Know (But Should)”.  Sweet.

The rest of the day was jam packed with meet and greets and interviews.  Here we are doing one for the Recording Academy.

And here’s me with the first of several Grammys we received that day.  It’s really such a dream come true, I hadn’t even prepared a speech or anything.

For some reason we got to autograph a million guitars and basses as festival prizes.  Here’s Cecil slapping his signature on this sweet Stratocaster.  Cannot imagine these fetching too high of a price tag at auction.

Got to ride around on golf carts back and forth all day long like true BAWSES.  

Our manager Shannon totally kicked it with Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman!!!  The best.

Half way through the day we got word that a big storm was coming in and they would have to temporarily evacuate the entire 70,000+ crowd.  Here’s Mike and Stef running around all goonish before the weather turned on us.

We made our way over to the Empty Bottle later that afternoon to get ready for our after show that night.  Just Two International Touring DJs sharing three plates of delicious food together before soundcheck.  No biggie.

After soundcheck we ran over to our ultimate homies Joel and Katrina’s place for some drinks and breathtaking scenery.  Here’s the post storm skyline view from their awesome rooftop.

Katrina, (Katrina’s alien lazer light hat),  Joel, Cecil, Papes, and the young gunner Chris Aaaaatland keeping it real chill before the show.

Mike posted up backstage at the club.  I didn’t get enough pictures of this night (mostly due to the shots of Malort’s and Perry Farrell tequila that abounded), but huge shouts to Har Mar Superstar, Polica, Naledge from Kidz In The Hall, and Show You Suck for coming through and kicking it.  And huge shouts to the entire staff of the Empty Bottle and everyone that came down and partied with us.  That was one of the funnest/best shows we’ve had in a long time.  The highlight had to be the world premiere of “Spicy Peen.”  You are seriously not prepared for SNAXXX.

And just like that it’s back to this sweet DAD LYFE.  Not the smoothest photo transition, but I forgot to take any more pics the rest of the weekend.  Penny is over 8 pounds now and doing great.  It’s been awesome to do these out of town weekends and still come home to this little babe after only a few days.  I’ll leave you with a couple Bonus Baby Pic Jams of Young Nelpz to close out the post.

Such a curious young mind, haha.  Pondering both sides of the classic Enfamil vs. Breast milk debate, I’m sure.  

Alright, that about does it.  Thank you so much to the city of Chicago and everyone that made it out to those shows.  Such a good time.  I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Stay tuned over the next few days for some beyond exciting P.O.S news.  Then I’ll see you next Tuesday for the official release of the Summer EP and an amazing super pro new Paper Tiger music video.  BAM!

— Beak