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OK, today is the day!  Paper Tiger’s brand new, supremely excellent Summer EP has finally been launched out into the world for all to enjoy.  Starting right now you can pick it up digitally from iTunes right HERE, or grab it directly from us via Doomtree’s Bandcamp page HERE.  It really is the perfect soundtrack to these last few weeks of Summer (see what he did there?).

If that weren’t enough awesome news, our good friends over at The Current are premiering Paper’s awesome new video for “The Fortunate Wayfarer” as we speak.  Check out what they have to say about it right HERE, and watch the video below.  Directed by the extremely talented James Gundersen, and starring an amazing walking boom-box out on a summer field trip to the Seaside Heights amusement park (!!!!!!!).  You’re gonna like this one, I promise.  Plus the song itself absolutely slays.  Happiest Paper Tiger beat ever.  Watch this!

Sooooooo good!  Love that No Kings Arcade.  If you have a spare second today, please help us spread the word about the Summer EP and this super sweet new music video.  Think of it as worldwide Paper Tiger Day or something.  Again, if you haven’t picked the album up yet, you can grab it digitally right HERE for less than a medium sized whopper value meal.

OK, let’s switch gears a little bit.  It’s that time of year again for the annual TPC! Family Cabin Vacay epic photo recap!!!  Quick catch up for those of you confused by that last sentence: TPC! stands for The Plastic Constellations, my first rock band and my best friends in the entire world.  I’ve known these guys for well over half my life at this point, and even though we called it quits as a band a few years back, that doesn’t mean we don’t hang out just as much as (if not more than) before.  Every year we all go up to Matt’s folks’ cabin with our wives/kids/dogs for a long extended weekend of serious hanging/raging.  I look forward to it all year long, and it never disappoints.  OK, check this out.    

We got up to Cross Lake on Thursday and immediately piled into the pontoon, which apparently has a strict sunglasses on the left side of the boat only policy.  That’s the whole crew.  13 deep this year with all the kids.

MJ (aka DJ T-Minus 30) provided an amazing JVC boom-box soundtrack experience for everyone involved while Captain Matt drove us all over the place.  Strictly 90s jams all week long.  The best.

Jeff pulling off an amazing air guitar solo over that one Temple of the Dog song.  He’s still got it!

Matt provided the moms with some pretty incredible and highly accurate kid related coozies for all of our Mike’s Hard Raspberry Lemonades.  That’s Not My Kid.  

It was Penny’s first trip up to the cabin, and even though she may have a hard time remembering much of it, I’m pretty sure she had an awesome time.  I know her bonnet did.

Getting some quality hang time in with her Auntie Roons and Auntie Liz.

My first attempt at rocking the hands free Mobi Wrap.  To all my dads worldwide, is this really how you do it?  I’m willing to look absolutely ridiculous if it means I can hold my child and send emails AT THE SAME DAMN TIME (I see you Future).

Hot tubbing!  Unfortunately this was the last picture taken of me with my phone.  In all my cabin excitement I ended up walking into the tub with it in my trunks.  Not my brightest moment ever, but a small sacrifice to pay in return for 4 days of complete awesomeness.  It allowed for a very peaceful trip away from Twitter and Gmail.  Shouts to the rest of the gang for letting me screen grab their pics off Instagram for this post.  I’ll have your G a piece licensing fee in no time, promise.

The greatest rhythm section OF ALL TIME, and two of the craziest sons of guns to ever roam the planet.

Cooper and Rolynn holding it down for all dogs everywhere.

Breakfast budz!

Gus and Finn keeping it real chill with Mom.

Oh yeah, Finn caught (and released) his first fish ever!  Total pro.

The adult version.

Lazy tubing off the pontoon.

At night we lit off the rest of the paper lanterns from the “Bound” music video.  Shameless plug coming in 3,2,1…

Lazerbeak “Bound” Music Video from Doomtree Records on Vimeo.

Not quite sure how this always ends up happening, but new nicknames were awarded while we were up there.  Nedrick Lamar, Top Rapper is the best one yet.

Sure, absolutely.

An insane dock flip from Katie J!  Either that or she is walking on water with her head.  Truly incredible.  2016 Olympics bound for sure.  

The mandatory sunset on the lake shot.  It gets none better.

One final Legend Point for good measure.  Striped Dad Trunkz Forever.

BAM, our first big family road trip was a total success!  Here’s Penny completely tuckered out after making it home from the crazy weekend.  That concludes the TPC! Family Cabin Vacay 2012 epic photo recap.  Can’t wait to do it all over again next year.  

I’ll leave you with a bit of a repetitive Video Bonus Jam to close out the post, just in case you slept on my guy Paper Tiger’s YouTube link up at the top.  After all, International Touring DJs have got to look out for one another in this crazy rap world.  Sick Trim 4 Lyfe.  Hope you all have a wonderful week. 

— Beak