What a crazy week!  Paper Tiger’s Summer EP and “Fortunate Wayfarer” music video dropped yesterday (check that out HERE), and today brings news that the fourth official P.O.S album, We Don’t Even Live Here, drops October 23rd on Rhymesayers Entertainment.  So AWESOME!!!  Check out “Bumper”, the first song and single off the record, below.

Stef also recorded a live video for “Bumper” as part of’s City of Music series. Directed by Dan Huiting and Isaac Gale, and starring Drew and Ben from Polica and the one and only DJ Plain Ole Bill.  This video rules.  Check it out.

All of this leads us to the massive pre-order package going down at Fifth Element Online.  Records, shirts, posters, books, autographs.  There is simply too much crazy stuff in this pre-order for me to ever get it right, so I’ll let their site do the talking.  Click the image below to learn all about it.

OK, that’s about as much incredible news as we can take for one day.  We’ll leave you with Paper’s music video from yesterday to keep the awesomeness going.