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Every so often, and only in the cover of darkness, I like to sneak into Lazerbeak’s penthouse loft and take his blog. Just snatch it away. A week later I sneak in to return it to exactly the same spot. On some Gaslight shit. 

No time for ninja braggadocio, however. Been a busy week. A mere seven days ago, Paper Tiger’s Summer EP dropped. You can listen to a song or pick up a copy right here.  The very next day, the P.O.S pre-order started. (Now, do it now). 

And today, the pre-order opens for one of my new projects: The Elixery “Dessa” lipstick.

Some months ago, I partnered with The Elixery (an indie cosmetic house in Minneapolis) and make-up artist Crist Ballas (Emmy-winning bad-ass) to create a product to benefit the CARE charity. The lipstick turned out a killer shade of matt red, it’s cruelty-free, and each stick is hand-poured by Karoline the chemist. She runs the Elixery and formulates all of its products herself. I’ll be donating 100% of my take (20% of profits) to CARE’s initiative to help educate girls around the world. To preorder, click HERE. Or here. Or even here

This is me, wearing the “Dessa” prototype. Very meta. 

This is Karoline. Please note the tailored lab coat. 

You can read all about the color, the science, and the team here

In more musical news, the band and I are in high-gear this week, recording some new songs and rehearsing for a couple of upcoming gigs. On August 26th we’ll be at Hell’s Kitchen with a bunch of pretty exceptional artists, pictured below. Tickets are still available; click here for info.

Then, on August 31st, we’ll be at the MN State Fair Grandstand. This is a big one. Mom’s coming out. It’ll be me, Jeremy Messersmith, The Jayhawks, and Semisonic. Mic stands make for Mics-on-a-stick, right? (Don’t hate.) 

In literary land, I posted my second essay with the Star Tribune. This one is about what’s ownable. Can you really own an digitized melody? A genetic sequence? I compare Apple to Monsanto to explore the idea. I also share a story or two from my childhood–a strange time in my life, as evidenced by the photo below. Click the bonnet to read the post. 

Okay. Lipstick, rap music, and patent law–that’s all I got this week. Now to sneak this thing back into the penthouse.