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Welcome back to Tuesdays With Lazerbeak.  Last week was an insane P.O.S celebration, and this week’s post is gonna center all around our guy Paper Tiger, who has graciously decided to release his once physical only Beat Tape to the entire world digitally FOR FREE!!!!

If you remember right, we created 500 hand numbered and signed copies of Beat Tape back in August as a very special pre-order bonus item to go along with Paper’s recently released Summer EP.  15 fire instrumentals that for one reason or another never ended up on any albums.  Now, with Papes’ blessing, we’re releasing the digital version of the record for zero dollars.  You can download the whole album over on Bandcamp right HERE.  And again, if you’re just not into the idea of owning content, feel free to stream it all over at Soundcloud HERE.

This is sort of our way of saying thank you for all the support this summer, and for helping to get the word out about Paper’s excellent Summer EP.  If you haven’t picked up Summer EP yet, you are slipping big time.  Since you’re already over at Bandcamp downloading Beat Tape you should grab it HERE, or at iTunes HERE, or physically over at the Doomtree webstore HERE.  And maybe you also slept on the whole month of August and completely missed the incredible music video for “The Fortunate Wayfarer.”  That is crazy, you should never sleep on an entire month ever again.  Luckily the video still exists on YouTube, and still stars a completely heartwarming animated boombox that takes a vacation day to a New Jersey carnival.  The best.  Check it out.

Oh, almost forgot.  Back on the P.O.S wagon for one second, we’ve just put up a new version of his classic SYKE shirt on the webstore.  Click the picture to check it out.

OK, I’ll leave you with a couple Video Bonus Jams from some of our hometown guys.  First up is the ultimate homie Toki Wright, who just debuted his new video over on MTV yesterday.  Check out “High Definition” below, directed by Adam Dunn.

Brother Ali just dropped his new album with Jake One today.  Here’s the video for “Mourning In America.”

Prof has the third installment in his Kaiser Von Powderhorn mixtape series dropping on the 25th (I produced a joint on there too).  Check out the video for “Me Boi” below.  

And finally, here’s something semi new from Greg Grease.  Can’t wait til you hear him and Mike’s track on SNAXXX.  For now here’s “Basement Soul.”

Alright, that about does it for this post.  Hope you all have a great week.  I’ll leave you with one Bonus Baby Pic of Penny for all the family and friends that have been asking for an update.  She is doing great!  Weighing in at a mean 11 pounds now, and super aware of her surroundings (she is absolutely in love with Della the Dog).  Plus she’s smiling all the time.  It rules.

SNAXXX is coming soon.  

— Beak