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The 8th annual Doomtree Blowout is less than two weeks away! I’m gonna take it easy on this post in order to focus on the more immediate tasks at hand, but here is a very succinct, bulleted list of all the Doomtree stuff coming up. Feel free to scroll to the bottom and check out some banging holiday Bonus Jams if you already know the deal. Also, watch me attempt to use only one space between sentences in real time. Just learned that people do that. I was taught that two was mandatory. Mind blown.

Thank you so much to everyone that pre-ordered the Team The Best Team DVD. All orders will be shipping out later this week. I’m super excited for you to see this thing. If you live in the Twin Cities and want to catch the movie on the big screen, we’re doing a film premiere this Thursday at St. Anthony Main Theatre. Tickets have been moving pretty quick, but there were still around 40 left when I last checked. You can grab them HERE.

Back to the Blowout quick. Friday and Saturday night are officially SOLD OUT, but there are still some tickets left to the Sunday Blowout. You can grab those HERE.

We’re gonna be playing a cool one-off show in Chicago on 12/21 to ring in the potential end of the world as we know it. The entire crew will be posted up at The Metro performing hours of rap music and toasting shots of Malort. You can grab tickets to the show HERE.

Dessa and her band our gonna be doing a quick tour out to the East Coast and back in January. Check out all the dates and ticket info HERE. A show in Boston was recently added, and there are a few more dates coming soon.

In new music news, we just finished up the mixing of this new Mixed Blood Majority full length (the group with Crescent Moon, Joe Horton, and myself). Above is the proof that it actually happened.  Everybody gets paid on the last mixing day, that’s a little insider  industry tip for you. I’m feeling really good about how this record is shaping up. Should have many more details on the project in the next couple of weeks.

Things are getting pretty festive over at the Mader household now that it’s officially December. The wifepiece is a huge fan of Christmas music, and we have definitely been bumping our fair share of Mariah, Stevie, and Luther albums over the last week. Destiny’s Child every now and then too, they had some sleeper Christmas HITZ (“8 Days of Christmas” anyone?). I’ll leave you with a few holiday Bonus Jams in case you aren’t already sick of the season. First up is possibly my favorite holiday song of any kind: “Mistletoe Jam” by Luther Vandross. Unreal.

Here’s a straight classic from Mariah, featured prominently in a very heart warming scene at the end of the movie Love Actually. Watching that movie has become a serious holiday tradition at our house. It’s so good. Papes, I know you know what I’m talking about.

Here’s some absolutely mandatory Stevie Wonder.

And finally, here’s a super crazy new Bad Santa themed video from The Killers. These guys are seriously out of their minds. Every year they release a different Christmas song, and every year it’s more insane than the last. For real, they did a duet with Elton John a few years back called “Joseph, Better You Than Me.” It was horrendous. Shouts to Mary Thayer for sending this new song my way though. I know this probably doesn’t help my cause arguing that The Killers are the greatest rock band of this century, but the video is pretty funny for a multitude of reasons. Check it out:

OK, that about does it. I’ll leave you with a couple Bonus Penny Pics to tide over the family. Here she is doing her best impression of a throw pillow.

And here she is commiserating with her dad after a brutal Vikings loss to the Packers. I’m trying to teach her some valuable life lessons like losing graciously and maintaining honor in defeat. I think it’s getting through to her.

Alright, I hope you all have a wonderful week. See you next Tuesday for sure!

— Beak