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It gives me great joy to announce that Team The Best Team has been officially launched out into the world today. We got another one! To celebrate the release date, we’ve decided to liberate the first ten minutes of the film into a streaming video for all to see, just in case you were on the fence or weren’t quite sure what this thing was all about. We’re not talking about some slapped together live concert DVD my friend. This is that real deal (documentary) Holyfield. Check it out:

If you wanna see more you can purchase the entire 2 disc DVD set from the webstore right HERE, or if you live in the Twin Cities head down to Electric Fetus or Fifth Element. I cannot stress enough what a truly glorious stocking stuffer this DVD will make.

We had the premiere screening over at St. Anthony Main Theatre last Thursday and it was a total success! Haven’t been that nervous in awhile, but s soon as we got the first few laughs from the audience I knew we were gonna be good. Now I know just what it must feel like to be at those Twilight premieres.

Blowout Week is officially upon us! I’m picking Papes up from the airport this afternoon and then it’s time for some serious practicing with the whole crew. We’ve definitely got some special things going on this year. There are still a few hundred tickets left to the all ages show for now. You can grab them in advance right HERE.

And if you’re looking for something fun to do the night before the Blowout (or if you’re just a die hard trap music fan that happens to read this blog) make sure to come out to Myth on Thursday for the big 2 Chainz show. Lizzo and I will be main support for the night and are gonna debut some tracks from our new project LIZZO BANGERS. Should be pretty ridiculous. Plus we’re doing a few songs with Concordia’s own Next Generation Drumline. We’ve had a few practices with them now and these dudes are no joke. Plus their cypher game is on point.

Anyways, check out the promo video below for all the details. You can grab tickets right HERE.

Huge news about our end of the world Chicago show on the 21st: Buck 65 and ShowYouSuck have both been added to the bill! Whoa, this is gonna be nutz. Tickets are available right HERE. This is gonna be the last all crew Doomtree show of the year and we are definitely gonna go out with a bang. Cannot wait for this! Here are a couple early Video Bonus Jams from Buck and Show just in case you’re unfamiliar. Seriously, this night is going to rule so hard. So pumped to be playing with these dudes.

OK, enough promoting already. How about a quick photo recap of the past week to end the post on a little more personal note. Let’s start things off big. Take a glimpse at this ancient uncovered TPC! relic from way back in the 8th grade.

YIKES!!! That’s Jeff and I holding it down for braces, cardigans, and long shaggy dog hair everywhere, haha. Number one duns for 17 years and running now. TPC! was definitely in the building last weekend at Jeff and Alison’s annual Friend Feast. Here is just another real quick reminder that TPC! does in fact still (STILL!!!) know how to party.

Sunday was the official fantasy football rematch between SPICY PEEÑS (aka Beak) and Trill Burgers (aka Sims). We decided to get together and celebrate (aka eat all of the food ever during the 3:00 game and sleep through the night game). It was the first appearance of Lava Bangers Nachos all year. So glorious.

SPICY PEEÑS took the game by a nose last night (I see you Ridley!) for a second straight victory against their bitter rival, but in a cruel twist of fate, will now have to get past Trill Burgers yet again in the playoffs to make it to the coveted fantasy football Super Bowl. Oh man. So incredibly not how I wanted this all to go down.

But enough about sprots. It’s time for some Bonus Penny Pics!

TOES!!!! This is the latest and greatest discovery in Penny’s six month old life. She cannot get enough of her own toes. Below is a picture of a standard morning at the Mader household. So many toe emotions.

Follow along with me from left to right:  1.) Casual stumbling upon of said toes.  2.) Complete and utter mind blowing shock that said toes exist.  3.) Pure and utter joy in the knowledge that said toes exist and will be attached to her body forever.  4.) Extreme confidence (almost to an unattractively cocky level) is achieved, as is a total unwillingness to let go of said toes for upwards of 30 minutes.

Oh, and she loves Della the Dog more than anything (besides her toes I guess). It’s real Marley & Me for us right now.

Alright, that about does it for this week. Time for some big time Blowout practices. Really looking forward to seeing a bunch of you out at the Blowout this weekend. If not, definitely next Tuesday for sure. I’ve got a ton of super exciting Mixed Blood Majority info to drop. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

— Beak