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Here’s the deal. I, Dessa, badly needed a ride to the airport. And Lazerbeak, my good friend, needed a blog post. So (as you might have already surmised), I’m posting this entry en route to MSP Terminal 1, riding shotgun in the legendary Camry. Those of you who stay abreast of Doomtree’s comings and goings-on, might be thinking, ‘But aren’t you on tour with your very talented live ensemble, Dessa? Why are you bartering with Lazerbeak?’ The short answer: I flew home (Sun Country) for one (1) day to mix (mix!) my new record at The Hideaway Studio in Minneapolis.

With Joe Mabbott at the helm, we managed to dial in final mixes for the majority of the record. Here’s me and Beak, 7 hours into our 11 hour mixtravaganza.

pizza shot

Now I’m flying to Detroit to reunite with the guys. We’ll be playing tonight at the Magic Stick (tickets HERE if you’re in the neighborhood).

The tour thus far has been excellent [according to this not-very-impartial source]. Sold out concerts in Chicago and Philly, and great showings everywhere in between. (A special shout out to everybody who attended more than one show—the ultimate compliment.) On this run, we refined our van-packing strategy, put a new hoodie on the merch table, and played before GZA in New York.

van shot

hoodie shot

live show shot

 In the spirit of TWL, here’s a quick Bonus Jam from Susanne Sundfør, a Norwegian vocalist. Can’t comment on the video quite yet, but her voice is pretty incredible.

Ok. Gotta make it through security–see you on the other side.