Parts of Speech Tour Burglarized

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WORST NEWS. The van was broken into last night in Buffalo, NY. All of the laptops, cameras, merch iPads, etc were stolen. Please help us get the word out in any way you can. There is a post up on Reddit which you can add to HERE.

These are the serial numbers to the MacBooks that were stolen: C02HKAWEDV33, CIMJT0TJDV31, W8810N96YJY, C02GY7MWWDV7L, C02KK41UDV33

We’ll keep you posted as we gather more info. Everyone in the touring party is safe and unharmed. Right now any retweet/reblog/etc helps. Let’s get the word out there.

UPDATE: 9/21 – 11:30am

Dessa and the band have set up an Indiegogo fundraising page to help pay for replacement gear to keep the show on the road. If you are able and willing to donate, you can do so HERE. If not, simply spreading the word about the site helps tremendously.

Here is the full scoop from the band captain herself:

“Last night after our show in Buffalo, our tour van was burglarized. We lost computers, camera gear, some merch earnings, and parts of the crucial equipment for our set. 

 We visited the Buffalo police station, filed incident reports, and checked into our hotel room at just past4 am. We convened for a brief band meeting. During this meeting–as if on cue–the hotel lost power. Joey opened the drapes to let in some street light. Did we want to cancel the rest of the tour? We didn’t. Could we pull our show back together in a day? Almost, yeah. 

 We’ve decided to forge ahead without canceling any shows. 

 As most of you can probably guess, indie tours are financially challenging in the best of circumstances. But, money aside, this sort of thing can just be damn demoralizing. As the leader of this band, I hate to see my guys missing gifts from their wives and finding themselves–after weeks of hard work and hard travel–worse off than when they left. 

That said, my team has impressed the pants off me (I still have pants) in the last 12 hours. Nobody yelled or threw things or said ‘fuck you, I’m leaving.’ Everybody shared what they had and started making plans to get this roadshow in working order again. 

As part of those plans, I’m starting this tour page. Its immediate purpose is to help Ricardo, our photographer, repurchase his gear that was stolen. Ricardo documents these tours as a labor of love and the theft hit him particularly hard. We’re determined to get him the tools that he needs to return to his day job ready to work. If you’d like to pitch in on his replacement gear, and ours, here’s the place to do so. 

Thank you to everyone who’s attended a show so far. 

Thanks to everyone we’ll meet in the next two weeks.

Screw the dudes who broke into our van. 


Again, you can donate to the cause HERE. Thank you all for the continued support.

— Beak

UPDATE: Monday 9/23

Eternal shouts to the 900+ people who contributed to the Indiegogo campaign, helping Dessa and band raise all of the money needed for van repairs/replacement gear in just one and half days! TTBT 4 Real. Eternal shouts part two to every single person who helped spread the word online, allowing for that to happen. Truly amazing to watch. Cannot thank you enough for the tremendous support.

— Beak