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Welcome back to another edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! Last Friday P.O.S dropped his second Doomtree-released single this year and it TOTALLY. RULES. “Wave” features guest verses from Moncelas Boston and Sopia Eris with killer production from BJ Burton. Check out the track below, as well as all the purchase and streaming links underneath it, and please help us spread the word if you get a sec. This is only the start of new P.O.S music too. There’s a ton more on the way and the man is just heating up. PUMPED!

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We’ve got a seriously huge weekend coming up here in the Twin Cities. Soundset 2016 is upon us and everything kicks off this Sunday, May 29th! Just look at that lineup. Guaranteed to be an insanely good time from top to bottom. Tickets are going fast so definitely grab yours in advance right HERE if you’re thinking about making it down. Can’t wait.


And don’t forget to come visit the Doomtree merch booth if you do make it down. We’re going to have all sorts of gear and music for you, plus some brand new exclusive shirts making their debut (we’ll get them up on the webstore soon for all you out-of-towners). Say what’s up to Ander, Crista, KT, and Nick throughout the day and keep an eye out for crew members to pop up at various times as well. Super excited to see a ton of you down there!

SS16_FB_Insta_Doomtree (1)

Soundset isn’t all that’s going on this weekend though. On Saturday night I’ll be playing a rare show with Mixed Blood Majority as we headline the annual Memory Lanes Block Party in South Minneapolis. Extremely stoked about this lineup too. Can’t wait to see sets from Eric Mayson and Bones & Beeker. Grab all the details and ticket info right HERE. Tix are only $5!


And to kick the festivities off this Friday, our very own Ander Other will be DJing at First Avenue for the big Forever Young dance party. All of the deep cuts and classic jams from the 90s and 00s will be on display and dancing is pretty much imminent. Check out the flyer below and grab your tickets right HERE.


Speaking of sweet shows, the Gentlemen of Doomtree just returned from our sold-out Denver gig a few days back and we had a total blast. Huge shouts to everyone that came out and made it such a memorable night. Here’s a quick little photo recap from the weekend while I’m at it. This is Mike and Stef getting ready for our early flight out to the Rocky Mountains. Hard to tell, but Mike wore this same pair of amazing (and practical) slippers the entire 48 hours that we were gone. Legend Status.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 5.58.05 PM

Our first stop once we landed in town was visiting Youth On Record studios. This is a seriously awesome facility in Denver that was built to give junior high and high school students free access to instruments, lessons, and recording studios. It was really great to meet all the kids and teachers involved in making such a positive impact on the surrounding community. Here’s a few of the guys working on some new HEAT.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 5.57.57 PM

And here’s Sims hanging out at our hotel with that guy from Game of Thrones who also appears to be the officail spokesperson for the Ramada Inn at the SAME DAMN TIME. You really can’t make this stuff up.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 5.58.24 PM

Pre-show warmup with Mike Mictlan in the green room. He just had to have this pink Minnesota sweatshirt at the airport kiosk. Repping everywhere we go.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 5.57.49 PM

I of course didn’t get any actual show pictures, but you can checkout a full slideshow and recap from Westworld right HERE if you’re curious. More importantly, here’s a pretty incredible video of our Uber driver rapping along to Paper Tiger instrumentals as we made our way back to the hotel afterwards. I signed this guy instantly. We’ll be rolling out singles throughout the year to get you more acquainted.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 5.58.54 PM

We missed Dessa over the weekend but are v excited to be full-crew reunited for Soundset on Sunday. Dess just had a birthday yesterday out in NYC, so make sure to send her some cool b-day wishes this week if you get a second. Here’s a throwback pic of her and Aby Wolf donning hardhats and enforcing a stop sign in Sydney, Australia. I would absolutely not mess with them ever. HBD!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 5.59.54 PM

Here’s a quick video of Dessa hard at work on her birthday yesterday, rehearsing at the great Steinway Hall in Manhattan.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 6.05.31 PM

Now for some big time Local Bonus Jams. You know I’ve gotta lead things off with this P.O.S heater again, just in case you still haven’t checked it out. Shouts to Moncelas Boston and Sophia Eris on the guest raps and BJ Burton on the beat. Love this one.

P.O.S ft. Moncelas Boston and Sophia Eris – “Wave”

Not completely local I guess, but our good friend Budo just dropped a brand new EP and he’s family, so I’m claiming him for MN. Budo’s been touring the world the last few years with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, as well as working on their records, so I’m a little baffled at how he found the time to churn this excellent new solo album out. It slays. Make sure you check out the whole thing below.

Budo – In The Winter I Often Cry About You, But Not For The Reasons You Might Expect

Lizzo has been out in LA building up quite a buzz around her new Barbershop 3 single “Good As Hell.” The official video just dropped a few weeks ago and it is great. Check it out below. I still gotta see this movie, man. Been hearing it’s the best one yet.

Lizzo – “Good As Hell”

G.P.jacob just dropped a new EP produced by Toki Wright’s production alias Mamadu and it severely bumps. Check out “The Longest Bridge” below and grab the full thing right HERE.

G.P. jacob – “The Longest Bridge”

Speaking of Toki, he just dropped a solo song of his own over his own production. Check out “Another Case” below. Toki’s been churning out weekly joints for the last few months under the Mamadu moniker. Definitely worth digging into that series.

Toki Wright – “Another Case”

In anticipation for their huge Soundset performance as 9th House, the Legend Gods I Self Devine and Mujah Messiah just dropped off a brand new track featuring the excellent Lady Midnight. Check out “We Ain’t Scared” below and definitely make sure to check these guys out at Soundset. One of the sets I’m most looking forwards to all day.

I Self Devine & Mujah Messiah ft. Lady Midnight – “We Ain’t Scared”

Manny Phesto has been back at it dropping single after single lately, and this “Whatever Works” track is a serious highlight. Make sure to check it out below and keep an eye on him as he continues to crank out new music.

Manny Phesto – “Whatever Works”

And closing out the Local Bonus Jams, we’ve got a full-on Bonus Jam mixtape from Mike the Martyr. Really looking forward to getting into this one. Mike’s been crushing beats and raps for a minute here in the Twin Cities and the songs I’ve heard off this so far are fire. Grab the whole thing below.

Mike the Martyr – We Made History, Baby

Not so much a Bonus Jam per se, but I wanted to briefly highlight a new documentary that will be coming out next year from local film maker Dawn Mikkelson called Risking Light. The film deals with the extreme power of forgiveness and our good friend Kevin Beacham was asked to head up the music direction for it. All of the instrumental music in the film is handled by excellent local producers such as BK One, Big Cats, and our very own Cecil Otter. Check out the teaser trailer below, which features Cecil’s score, and stay tuned for much more info on this excellent movie.

Alright, I’ll leave you with a couple Bonus Baby Pics before calling it. Penny is going to turn four years old this Saturday! The last two weeks have been quite the breakthrough in potty training for us. Huge shouts to My Little Pony underwear for sparking her interest and saving us mega bucks on diapers. Here’s Penny rocking a (clean) pair of those undies over her head, because she is ridiculous.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 6.22.32 PM

Super proud of this kid. It’s been only one year since we got the news that Penny was on the autism spectrum, and the progress she’s made at school and at home since then has been incredible. Cannot thank the state of MN enough for the wonderful autism programs, resources, and amazing teachers they’ve made available to our family and tons of families like ours. Here’s P roller skating in her new classroom and showing off just a little bit.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 6.18.51 PM

And here she is drawing life-size bugs on paper flowers. She loves bugs.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 6.19.34 PM

Can’t wait to celebrate this weekend with a huge My Little Pony party in our backyard kid prison (I mean playground) and then see a ton of you all out at the Memory Lanes Block Party and Soundset. It’s gonna be theeeeee best. Hope you have a great week!

— Beak

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