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Welcome back to a super-short edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! I hope you all had an awesome long 4th of July weekend and managed not to lose any appendages between all the fireworks and NBA free agency mayhem. I’m in the studio non-stop this week, so this post is gonna be pretty brief, but I definitely wanted to remind you that Doomtree will be playing a FREE OUTDOOR SHOW this Sunday, July 10th, at Sociable Cider Werks in NE Minneapolis!!! This is the only full-crew hometown show we have on the books all year at this point and it’s gonna be a good one. All you have to do is head over to the Sociable Cider website right HERE and print off your free tickets to gain admission. Doors open at 3:00pm and we play promptly at 7:00pm, so make sure you get there early and crush a few ciders while you’re at it. Should be a total blast. Can’t wait!


And don’t forget about the new Doomtree single that we just dropped last month. You are guaranteed to hear this one on Sunday. One of my favorites in our live set these days. Sims, Cecil, and Stef on the raps. Beak on the beat. Perfect for windows-down summertime drives. Check out the Soundcloud link below and then grab it from Bandcamp (HERE) or iTunes (HERE).

It was a totally crazy long weekend for my Party of Five, so I’ll leave you with a few Bonus Baby Pics before heading off to the studio. We held the first-ever Doomtree Potluck at our new place on Saturday. Here’s Ander, Lincoln, Stef,an inflatable lobster, Lou, Sims,  Cam, and Grown Cam holding court inside our very own Kid Prison. Still so proud of that thing. Best times.


On Sunday we took the kids to SKY ZONE for Penny’s best friend Aniyah’s birthday party. Have you heard of SKY ZONE?! This place is totally nutz. Trampolines and foam pits and basketball hoops everywhere. Insane. Here’s the whole squad posted up right before devouring that magnificent My Little Pony cake.


Here’s Penny getting some cool gymnastics routines in on the trampolines. Look at that place!


Afterwards we took the boys down the river trail to do a little exploring. The JAMMY BOYZ have officially formed a new side project known simply as BRANCH BUDZ. These guys love sticks much more than anything else in life at this point in their career. The simple things.


On Monday we went out to my folks’ place to celebrate my mom’s birthday and ended up having a crazy outdoor water party. Here’s Penny and Lou traversing the homemade slip n’ slide. One of them seems a little more terrified than the other.


And here’s the dudes gearing up for their first-ever water balloon fight. They’re still grasping the complexities. Mostly just through the balloons into the pool and then crushed them in their own hands. It’s a start though.


We capped things off with a bonfire and kids fireworks show over at The Allen’s. Things got pretty wild and for some reason all of our kids refused to wear clothes in celebration of this nation’s independence. Very strange. Here’s Penny showing zero chill with no shirt and two sparklers. Shouts to the My Little Pony underwear which have finally liberated her (and our checking account) from diapers. Hallelujah.


BAM! There you have it. I hope you all have a wonderful week recovering from the Kevin Durant/Golden State shocker. Excited to see a ton of you at the free Doomtree show this Sunday (get your tickets HERE). I’ll be back next Tuesday with a ton of new studio updates. See you then!

— Beak

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