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Welcome back to another action-packed Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! The release of Sims’ brand new awesome full-length More Than Ever is now less than three weeks away and things are heating up over here at Doomtree HQ. Last week we dropped “Icarus,” the second single from the album, and this week we’ve got a very special behind-the-scenes interview with Sims himself. Shot in Sims home studio by director Ben Cohen, this short video explores the last few years of Sims’ life and everything that went into the creation and development of More Than Ever. There are some serious knowledge gems dropped in here. Consider it your Tuesday morning Thug Motivation 101. Check it out below!

The Making of More Than Ever

And while we’re on the subject, here’s that excellent new “Icarus” single I was talking about above, in case you missed it last week. Shouts to HipHopDX on the premiere and Paper Tiger on the beat!

Sims – “Icarus” (produced by Paper Tiger)

Alright, I’m gonna level with you. Your chance to grab a special limited-edition More Than Ever physical pre-order with all sorts of amazing extras is slowly running out. Make sure you check out all of the different options we have available at the Doomtree Webstore for every budget size (Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s Edition), and pick up your copy right HERE. Again, the proceeds from the sale of this pre-order go directly into funding upcoming Doomtree projects, such as the new solo P.O.S album that’s in progress as we speak. Not only does pre-ordering allow for a steady cash flow that makes it possible for us to pay the heavy upfront costs that it takes to create an album (recording, mixing, manufacturing, video budgets, radio budgets, design, etc), it also takes the financial burden off of the artist and allows them to continue creating art at breakneck speeds. These days an indie record label feels a whole lot more like a public radio fundraiser than ever before, and at this point there really are a lot of similarities. If you read this blog every week, consider the purchase of this pre-order as your yearly contribution to keeping everything up and running over here at DTR. OK, that’s my brief spiel for this week. Now go check out all the insane packages below and grab one for yourself. Huge enormous shouts to anyone that has already done so!




And don’t forget that every pre-order purchase, no matter what tier, will be entered into the crazy More Than Ever Drawing, which could win you a plane ticket to the next Sims show, a personalized theme song or voicemail message written for you by Sims himself, or a jam-packed Sims Discography Package that includes a ridiculous amount of free albums and merch. Here’s some amazing pictures below to highlight the prizes.





And one final pre-order nugget before moving on, just because I’m so excited with how these turned out: Here’s a picture of the limited white and gold flexi 7″ that comes with every Deluxe and Collector’s Edition pre-order. We’ve never done one of these before, and I’m beyond pumped with how cool they turned out. Go get one right HERE! And if for some reason you’d rather just pre-order the album digitally, you can do that HERE (you’ll receive the first two singles instantly).


Once the album drops in a few short weeks, Sims will be hitting the road hard to bring More Than Ever to a city near you. Check out all the dates below and grab your tickets right HERE. These are not to be missed.


And JUST ANNOUNCED: Sims will be throwing a big time More Than Ever Listening Party in Minneapolis the day before tour kicks off to celebrate the impending launch. It all goes down at Muddy Waters on Wednesday, November 2nd at 8pm. Get yourself a first listen of the album, some sweet merch and drink specials, and send Sims off on his epic journey of the United States in style. Check it out.


Speaking of cool Twin Cities shows (SEGUE, SEGUE), our friends over at Red Bull Sound Select are bringing Chicago’s own Mick Jenkins and Smino out to The Amsterdam this Friday, October 21st as part of the Quest For Love Tour. I’m a huge fan of the new Mick Jenkins album and super pumped to see this whole thing live. Tickets are only $3 when you RSVP, so make sure you do that right HERE if you’re in the area.


OK! Now for some big time Bonus Jams. I’ve been getting super into the most recent Classixx album lately, and one of my favorite songs on there features this dude Alex Frankel (of recent Brooklyn deli startup Frankel’s and the band Holy Ghost!). Having released a ton of music with Holy Ghost! over the years, Alex decided to drop his very first solo project in the form of the new four-song Negative Space EP. It is theeeeeeeeeee best! Can’t recommend it enough. Plus he’s gonna be touring with Classixx and Neon Indian for the next few months. I can’t wait for the Minneapolis date at the end of October. Check out “Lost Design” below and grab the whole thing right HERE.

Alex Frankel – “Lost Design”

Shouts to my good friend Dave Rene for putting me on to newcomer producer Soft Glas. I don’t know much about him at this point, but this Late Bloom album completely destroys. It’s a perfect blends of chill instrumentals and guest vocalists. Check out the standout “Humid” below.

Soft Glas – “Humid”

Another producer I’ve been super amped about lately is Lophiile (previously known as Scout!). He’s somehow found a way to blend a lot of newer EDM sensibilities and sonics with oldschool G-Funk and R&B to make this super musical (but also super banging) genre of music. Check out “Preach” below and keep an eye out for this guy. Big things on the way, I’m calling it.

Lophiile – “Preach”

Now for a couple of Local Bonus Jams. Hippo Campus have been recording their new project with our homie BJ Burton for the last year or so and last week they dropped a brand new track called “Boyish.” Everything I’ve heard so far from this record is an absolute hit, and I can’t wait for them to conquer the world with this one after building up some insane buzz over the last few years. Pretty sure this one will be playing during the credits of every 2017 romantic comedy and coming-of-age summer teen movie.

Hippo Campus – “Boyish”

The ultimate OGs Heiruspecs just came out of nowhere and dropped their excellent new theskyisfalling EP last week. Five brand new tracks that find them refining and expanding their their live sound. Check out the whole thing below and grab yourself a copy right HERE.

Heiruspecs – theskyisfalling EP

And lastly, here’s a mini-documentary that our friend Isaac Gale made out in Cuba earlier this year with the good people at Greenroom Magazine. It’s called CIUDAD LIBERTAD: Skateboarding in Havana and it explores the youth and skating cultures of that region. Plus it comes packed with an epic score by none other than Andrew Broder of Fog. Check it.

Alright that does it for Bonus Jams. I’ll leave you with a handful of Bonus Baby Pics before I head out. The TWINZ took a trip to the fire station with their grandparents this past weekend and came back with some sweet swag. Here’s Lou showing off his new Fall look.


That look also appears to include this multi-purpose clothes basket, which he’s been wearing over his body while running around the house screaming like a maniac for the last week straight. High fashion. Get ‘Ye on the phone.


We’ve been updating our bathroom at the new place over the past few weeks and the boys finally got to take their first bath in the new tub. I’d say it’s a pretty big hit. Also a big hit: clean boys.


Here’s Penny in a Fun House of some sorts acting out a scene from one of many 80s horror films.


And here she is hard at work on her selfie game. I can’t believe she’s figured out how to take these all on her own. I woke up yesterday to about 150 pictures in my phone almost identical to this one. The Duck Face Selfie thing is no joke.


P’s been having a blast at her weekly dance classes these past few months and she’s been rocking some pretty legit diva poses all over the house during the down time. Here’s one of her favs: One hand on the hip in sheer defiance and one arm outstretched to deflect all the haters. I’m equal parts proud and terrified.


OK! That does it for this post. I hope you all have a wonderful week. I’m heading up north this weekend for a quick TPC! Family reunion before winter completely takes over. Go grab that Sims album and I’ll see you next Tuesday with tons more More Than Ever news!

— Beak

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