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Hey! Welcome back to a brand new edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. I took last week off and retreated into western Wisconsin for a big-time family vacation with my Party of Five, so there’s lots to catch up on today. First up: Shredders. A few weeks back Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson personally premiered a new Shredders song on his hit HBO show Ballers. God I loved typing that sentencing out. The song is called “Xanthrax” and it’s now available to stream or download from any of your favorite streaming and downloading services. Check out all the links below and make sure to pass this song along to your peoples. Sims and Stef on the raps, Beak and Papes on the beats.

Shredders – “XANTHRAX”

iTunes | Spotify | Bandcamp | SoundCloud

The very first ever Shredders performance is coming up in just a few short weeks! It all goes down on September 9th in Minneapolis at the fourth-annual Prof Outdoors. Shredders will play main support to Prof and will be performing alongside The Underacheivers, Mac Lethal, Finding Novyon, and Cashinova. Check out the flyer below and grab your tickets HERE before they sell out.

Speaking of all of those performers above (SEGUE), Prof rounded up the whole gang to record a posse cut for this big event. Check out “MORE MORE MORE” below featuring Prof, Sims, Finding Novyon, P.O.S, Mac Lethal, and Cashinova. Shouts to Willie Wonka on the beat!

Prof ft. Sims, Finding Novyon, P.O.S, Mac Lethal, and Cashinova – “MORE MORE MORE”

And speaking of insanely awesome shows, both Sims and a newly restored Mike Mictlan will be performing at Icehouse in Minneapolis this Friday, August 25th. Grab those tickets right HERE. Should be a great one.

Back in July we had the pleasure of throwing our very first Red Bull Sound Select curated show as Doomtree Records, and oh boy it was the best. One of my favorite nights of the year. Next month we’re bringing it all back for Round 2 with a crazy lineup at Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul on September 14th. This time around we’ve got the legendary Shabazz Palaces headlining the night with Kill The Vultures, members of ZULUZULUU, and Porter Ray opening up. OMG I’m so excited for this one. You can get in for only $5 if you RSVP right HERE. Shouts to Andy Lund for the killer artwork as usual. Can’t wait!

In music news, I am insanely happy to announce that Har Mar Superstar’s new Personal Boy EP, produced by BJ Burton and yours truly, is now out in the world for all to hear. I had such a blast working with these dudes and there’s still so many more tunes to come. Check out the epic 7-minute-long title track below and grab the whole EP digitally right HERE or pre-order the vinyl right HERE. By far one of the funnest projects I’ve been a part of to date. Can’t wait to work on more.

Har Mar Superstar – “Personal Boy” (produced by BJ Burton & Lazerbeak)


While we’re at it, let’s jump right into a whole bunch of new Bonus Jams that I’ve been bumping the last few weeks. Dizzy Fae continues to drop heat rocks this summer. Check out “Indica” below. Can’t wait for the full album.

Dizzy Fae – “Indica”

The brand new Velvet Negroni album finally came out! Good god this one is a monster. Jeremy has officially outdone himself here. Highly recommended. “Life give you lime after lime!”

Velvet Negroni – T.C.O.D.

Shouts to Jonathan Ackerman for putting me up on this new Photay album. I’ve been bumping it nonstop since it dropped last week. One of the better instrumental albums I’ve heard in a long time. Check out the whole thing below.

Photay – Onism

Producer Jim-E Stack also just put out a slamming EP. I’ve been playing this nonstop getting ready for work in the mornings. Total heater.

Jim-E Stack – It’s Jim-ee

Yandel (of Winsin & Yandel fame) may have released the undisputed song of the summer with this new “Sólo Mía” single. Last weekend I listened to this song approximately 47 times. I can’t wait for his #UPDATE album to come out.

Yandel – “Sólo Mía” (ft. Maluma)

I’ve never been a huge Gorillaz fan or checked for much of their stuff, but this new Kaytranada remix of their latest “Strobelite” single is fantastic. Def gonna have to give the new album a listen after hearing this.

Gorillaz – “Strobelite” (Kaytranada Remix)

Shabazz Palaces released a crazy new music video which features Ish as a rapping sacrificial goat. God I love these guys. COME SEE THEM ON THE 14TH!

Shabazz Palaces – “Shine A Light” (ft. Thaddilac)

And lastly, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this new 1 Up Top Ahk album from Mozzy. This dude released like 28 mixtapes in the last three or four years and he’s finally ready for his official debut. It does not disappoint. Production is spot on too. Sort of reminds me of when YG had his big coming out party. Check out “Sleep Walkin” below.

Mozzy – “Sleep Walkin”

That does it for the jams this week. As I mentioned up top, I got a legit weeklong vacation last week with the fam and it was glorious. Not sure how much actual relaxation took place given all of the insane kiddos running around 24/7, but it was still incredible to get away for a good chunk of time. Here’s me, P, Lou, and Cam on our way up to the cabin. Shouts to my mom for copping me that crazy Kurt Vonnegut shirt.

Our best buds The Allen’s had us up to their spot for the whole week and there were kids everywhere, some more visible than others.

Here’s Lou getting into the spirit of vacation with Birdie the Cat.

We ended up staying right by this crazy private zoo called Wilderness Walk which ended up being super tight. Here’s Penny taming a bronco.

And the kids visiting an old-timey jail cell. Not totally sure what that part had to do with the actual zoo, but we’ll take it.

The Wilderness Walk petting zoo was truly next level. Not sure where else on earth you can feed corn out of ice cream cones to goats, chickens, and giant turtles at the SAME DAMN TIME. Incredible.

Such a great week, even on the rainy days. Here’s a little video of Penny enjoying the outdoors during a light downpour.  Huge shouts to The Allen’s for opening up their beautiful new cabin to our fam. Best times.


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BLAMMO! That does it for this post. I hope you all have a wonderful week enjoying the last days of summer. See you next Tuesday for another round of TWL!

— Beak

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