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Welcome back to a new edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! We’re kicking things off in a major way today with this brand new “Almost Like Praying” track that Lin-Manuel Miranda organized and put together for the people of Puerto Rico.

This track features literally dozens of Legend God superstars joining forces to raise money for PR after the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. Dessa sings and raps on this one alongside giants like Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, GLORIA ESTEFAN, etc, etc. Check out the video for the track below which features the making of the song. You can donate money directly to Hispanic Federation right HERE or buy the track right HERE to help out.

And here’s a quick behind-the-scenes shot of Lin-Manuel and Dessa in the studio right before tracking.

You can catch Dessa on the East Coast next month as she’ll be performing in Manhattan, Philly, DC, Brooklyn, Boston, Ann Arbor, and Chicago on a short run with her new live band. A couple of these dates have already sold out and tickets are getting pretty low for the rest of them, so I’d suggest you grab your tickets soon right HERE.

Speaking of tours (SEGUE!!!), P.O.S has hit the road again for the second leg of this fall’s Chill, dummy Tour. Here’s some shots of Stef, Fundo, and Sean Anonymous having what presumes to be a pretty great (and possibly spooky?) time all throughout California and Nevada.

The dudes are currently on their way up to the Pacific Northwest and will be playing Eugene on Wednesday (10/11), Portland on Thursday (10/12), Vancouver on Friday (10/13), Bellingham on Saturday (10/14), and Seattle on Monday (10/15) before making their way through Idaho, Colorado, and North Dakota. Make sure you grab your tickets right HERE and check out one of these super sweaty shows.

In other P.O.S news, Stef and Shredders have both had songs selected for the soundtrack to the brand new Need For Speed Payback video game coming out very soon. Excited to say that “Gravedigger” and “Flipping Cars” will be featured in the game.

You can check out the entire Need For Speed soundtrack on this official Spotify playlist below.

And don’t forget, the debut Shredders album Dangerous Jumps will be unleashed on the world in less than a month! The vinyl and CDs just came back from the manufacturing plant and they look AWESOME. Both come with a large poster insert that includes full album lyrics on the back, and the LP even comes with limited-edition white opaque vinyl. Soooooooo tight. Huge shouts to Copycats for crushing it on the manufacturing. Check this out.

Make sure to pre-order your copy of Dangerous Jumps in either Standard or Deluxe version right HERE. And also a heads up that if you’re signed up for the Doomtree mailing list you’re gonna wanna check your email later tonight. We’ve got a big Shredders surprise to share with you. Sign up HERE.

OK! Time for a quick round of Bonus Jams before I head to the for real final tracking sessions of the next Dessa album. I wanted to highlight four recent albums that are currently blowing my damn mind. First up: Kelela. I could not have been more excited for her official debut album to drop last week. Her Cut 4 Me tape was a game changer for this newer and more experimental style of modern R&B, but what I love about her is that she’s also able to take the best parts of 90s and early 2000s music and integrate it all into a style of her own. You gotta here this entire Take Me Apart album. It’s the best.

Kelela – Take Me Apart

Also extremely pumped about the new one from Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. It’s been great to watch her maneuver over the last couple of years from instrumental house and electronic music to more vocal and experimental stuff. Check out “An Intention” from her new The Kid album below.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – “An Intention”

I know I touched on it last week, but this new Kamasi Washington EP has truly rocked my world. I’m way late to the game as his debut double-album The Epic was just too long and daunting for me to sift through in the past. This one is six perfectly crafted songs that are perfect for any type of mood your in. I really believe this is finally the gateway record that may open me up into the jazz genre. Scary.

Kamasi Washington – Harmony of Difference

And lastly, Minneapolis OG Andrew Broder came out of nowhere last week with a brand new solo EP. I’m such a huge fan of how he has been able to work seamlessly in  every type of genre imaginable, from Fog to Cloak Ox to producing for Crescent Moon, Greg Grease, Dizzy Fae, and Trim just to name a few. This Cousin Mask EP is absolutely crushing. Check it out below and make sure you support the man by picking it up directly from Broder at his Bandcamp HERE.

Andrew Broder – Cousin Mask

I’ll leave you with a handful of Bonus Baby Jams. Enormous and eternal shouts to the Minnesota Lynx for winning their fourth championship in seven years. A true DYNASTY right here in Minnesota. Could not be more proud of these women coming back a year after a brutal last-second Game 5 loss to the Sparks. I almost thought it was all gonna go down like that again towards the end of last week’s Game 5, but then Maya hit that crazy floater and it was all a wrap. We decided to take the kids out to Williams Arena the next night to celebrate the team and check out the victory parade. Here’s me and the gang with ultimate Lynx diehard and good friend Steve Marsh. GO LYNX!

Weekends have been getting progressively more crazy around the Mader household. Apparently Sundays have turned into Face Tattoo Day.

Whole lot of dancing going on too. All three kids are now in after school dance class and totally loving it (Lou especially as you’ll see in the video below, hahaha). Glad to know that Daft Punk’s Discovery album is still connecting with the youth of today.

It was a Solo Dad weekend last week and we definitely hit up the mall to see the Lego Ninjago movie and run off some steam. $75 on tickets and snacks and the kids still only made it through about 30 minutes. NOT COOL. They rode these cars below for about an hour afterwards and it only cost me five dollars worth of quarters. Lesson learned.

BOOOM! That’s it for this week. Remember, if you’re on the Doomtree mailing list make sure to check your emails tonight. We’re going to be calling on you for some direct support and have a cool surprise for you as well. See you next Tuesday!

— Beak

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