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Welcome back to another big-time edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak! Lots going on here at Doomtree HQ, so let’s jump right into it. I’m super pumped to announce a string of new Shredders tour dates in the great state of Texas next month. P.O.S, Sims, Paper Tiger, and myself will be heading down to Denton on 4/20 (bro) for the Thin Line Fest, then San Antonio on 4/21 at a venue literally called Paper Tiger (META!), and Austin on 4/22 at Barracuda. Check out the details below and head over to the show page HERE to grab tickets.

And for those of you closer to our hometown, we just announced that we’ll be performing at Bauhaus Brewery’s second-annual Liquid Zoo Art-A-Whirl festival on May 19th, alongside our good buds Har Mar Superstar, Nookie Jones, and many more. 100% FREE.99! Check out the full roster below and click HERE for all the sweet deetz.

Speaking of awesome Shredders news (SEGUE!), it was just announced that our Dangerous Jumps song “Style Boys” will be included in PlayStation’s new MLB The Show 18 video game soundtrack. SO TIGHT. Check out the game trailer below and make sure to crank “Style Boys” when you’re rounding the bases.

Dessa is packing up her bags as we speak to head out on the first Midwest leg of the Chime Tour. You can catch her and the band in La Crosse on the 29th, Madison on the 30th, Chicago on the 31st, Detroit on April 1st, Iowa City on the 3rd, and Rochester on the 4th. Should be a total wild one. A good amount of these shows have either already sold out or are on their way to selling out, so definitely check out the itinerary below and snatch up your tickets HERE before they’re gone. That goes for the European April dates too.

Dessa also just announced that she’s getting back together with the star-studded Minnesota Orchestra to put on another pair of genre-defying shows in October at Orchestra Hall. See below for a glimpse of that insane spectacle from last year, and grab those tickets HERE right now before they vanish.

And for all you baseball fanatics, don’t forget that Dessa will be singing the national anthem at the Twins season home opener on April 5th before her massive sold-out Minneapolis release party at First Avenue on April 6th. Go Twins!!!

In other sweet show news, P.O.S is headed to San Francisco this weekend for a monster show at legendary underground venue 924 Gilman on Saturday the 31st. DJ Fundo will be backing him up, so you already know this one will be a party. Grab your tickets HERE.

And catch the triple-threat trifecta of Stef, DJ Rowsheen, and Serengeti all throughout the Midwest in May. They’re hitting Columbia, St. Louis, Des Moines, Wichita, and Madison from the 8th-15th. Grab those tickets HERE.

Now for a couple of Lazerbeak solo events (that’s me!). Next Thursday, April 5th, I’ll be returning to Lakes and Legends to get my hands dirty and serve everyone beer for a great cause. Local organization All Are Welcome Here is doing their second-annual All Are Welcome Beer fundraiser (see what they did there?), and all sales from the night will go directly to the ACLU. I’ll be bartending along with Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey, Robyne Robinson, Maria Isa, and many others. So come through, crush some brews, and hang tough. More details about the evening right HERE.

On Tuesday, April 24th I’ll be posted up at Icehouse for Sean Anonymous’ second edition of Pass The Aux. This is a wonderful event where local producers and artists can come through, sign up, and play a song they’ve been working on to the entire room. Such a great way for all of us to connect, encourage one another, and even network/collaborate in a chill setting. Dem Atlas and myself will be the special guests that night, and each of us will spend about 15 minutes playing a bunch of recorded unreleased music that we’ve been working on. Should be a total blast. Check out the flyer below and the show details right HERE.

And lastly, you can catch me at the Minneapolis Central library smack in the middle of Downtown Minneapolis on May 12th for a special edition of Shake, Rattle, and Read. Bring the whole family down, because I’ll be reading some of my favorite children’s books and then offering a short production clinic to the kiddos. I did this last year at the Current’s Rock The Cradle event and it was the best. Another totally free and totally sweet series from the Hennepin County Libraries. Check out the details HERE.

BOOM! That does it for Doomtree-related news this week, which means it’s time for another round of Lazerbeak Bonus Jams. I am totally losing my mind over all three of the new Kacey Musgraves songs. I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a new album since Drake teased out Views for two straight years. Friday can’t come soon enough. In the meantime, enjoy this insane disco/country “High Horse” single. Nobody is stretching the boundaries of current country like Kacey, while still honoring the old country roots. Best of both worlds.

Kacey Musgraves – “High Horse”

Trampled By Turtles dropped another new heater last week off their upcoming group album, and of course it rules super hard. Excited to see these guys off of hiatus and playing one million festivals all summer long. Can’t wait to hear the whole album.

Trampled By Turtles – “The Middle”

I recently got put on to the Colombian band Sidestepper (by hearing them over the radio at Noodles & Co of all places), and I’m completely hooked on their latest album Supernatural Love. This thing is all over the place with cumbia, salsa, dub, and tons of traditional instrumentation. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Check out “Magangué” below.

Sidestepper – “Magangué”

Loving the new album from English electronic artist George FitzGerald. There are some serious jams on here. Can’t thank Astronautalis enough for putting me up on this guy. Check out one of my favorite tracks off this new All That Must Be album below.

George Fitzgerald – “Nobody But You” ft. Hudson Scott

I get a lot of flack for messing with this guy KYLE, but I seriously think he’s making some of the catchiest music out there, hands down. He just dropped a new single with the Legend God Kehlani, so you know I’m playing this non-stop all summer long. Check out “Playinwitme” below.

KYLE – “Playinwitme” ft. Kehlani

Really excited for the debut full-length from The Aces. Loved their 2017 EP and the four singles they’ve dropped so far from this upcoming record are all fire. Check out “Volcanic Love” below.

The Aces – “Volcanic Love”

Now for a few Local Bonus Jams. Ness Nite technically lives in NYC now, but we’re always gonna claim her here. She dropped her new album Dream Girl at the top of March and recently celebrated a totally crushing release show at the Entry.  I love the record (shouts to the fantastic production of Mike Frey too), and am really excited to see Ness continue to do big things. Check out standout track “Tightrope” below and grab the album right HERE.

Ness Nite – “Tightrope”

Finding Novyon has been crushing it out in LA and just dropped probably my favorite song he’s ever made a few weeks back. This one is a summer anthem. Check out “What’s Best” below.

Finding Novyon – “What’s Best”

And lastly, Prof just dropped a video for new single “Criminal” off of his upcoming Rhymesayers release Pookie Baby (great album name) which drops on April 13th. Check out the vizual below and pre-order that bad boy right HERE.

Prof – “Criminal”

Alright! That does it for Bonus Jams. I’ll leave you with a handful of Baby Bonus Pics before calling it a day. Laid Back Lou and Crab Man Cam just turned FOUR YEARS OLD on the 13th. Holy cow. Here they are crushing some cupcakes in celebration.

And rocking two different birthday cakes. Lou is a serious My Little Pony head, while Cam is firmly rooted in the Cars 3 camp.

We spoiled them and ordered up some Hot Wheels for a big birthday party surprie. What I didn’t realize was these things would take four hours to put together. Buyer beware. Here they are walking out to the garage for the grand unveiling.

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And here’s Cammy pulling out into the driveway for the first time. Skrrt skrrt!!!

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That same weekend I took everyone to the Doomtree office to install my new LAND LINE PHONE (shouts to V-Tech). Here’s a quick glimpse of the madness that ensued.

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And here’s Penny the taskmaster, whipping her brothers into shape and breaking any ice they come in contact with. Next year we’re gonna make a killing around the neighborhood.

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Popped into SkyZone last week and had to try out the Tornado Simulator. Man I love nothing more than slow-mo videos.

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And this past weekend we loaded up the car and headed to Western Wisconsin for some hangs with our favs The Allen’s. There’s nothing like a peaceful drive when these guys finally shut up and go to sleep.

The biggest drama of the weekend ended up being that Catty (Penny, Lou, and Cam’s shared cat stuffed animal) somehow fell deathly ill after being out in the snow too long. They built this crystal altar, set her up next to the fireplace, procured a soft Brillo pad for a pillow, and prayed around the clock for a miracle recovery. Did not see that one coming. Really put an added strain on the relaxing weekend, but I’m happy to say that Catty pulled through and is currently back to being thrown around the house like a rag doll.

OK! That does it for this post. I hope you all have an incredible week getting amped for the Final Four. If the Jayhawks win on Saturday I will win my bracket, so you know who to root for in that battle. See you next Tuesday!

— Beak

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