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BLAMMO! Welcome back to an extra special holiday week edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. I just got off the air of Minnesota’s own Go 95 radio station, hanging out with Longshot and talking our Parades album with morning show hosts Sophia Eris and Auggie 5000. We had a little surprise up our sleeves and world premiered the music video for lead-off track “Just Dance” at the SAME. DAMN. TIME. You can read all about the video and get an exclusive in-depth Q&A with Longshot at Go’s site right HERE. It was directed, shot, and conceived by our longtime friend Adam Dunn (aka Phantom Sloth) who had the idea to shoot a modern day “Dancing In The Rain” scene, one-take style. Huge shouts to the staff at Tilt for letting us shoot in their pinball bar and to everyone that came out. And especially to Laura “Baller” Mahler for crushing the choreography. I love this vid (and only partially because it took me a mere 15 minutes to shoot my cameo). Check it out below and please share with your peoples or pass it around the barbecue tomorrow and help us spread the word.

Longshot and Lazerbeak – “Just Dance” (directed by Adam Dunn aka Phantom Sloth)

Here’s a pic of Shot and I premiering the track on-air earlier this morning with Go 95’s Auggie 5000, Sophia Eris, and DJ Advance.

All this excitement leads to the first-ever Longshot and Lazerbeak live performance tomorrow night, JULY 4TH, at the 7th St Entry in downtown Minneapolis. We’re throwing a massive Parades album release celebration and bringing some incredible friends and artists along for the ride. We’ve got sets from HOLIDAE, Angel Davanport, Purple Orange Beach (new P.O.S project), Omen, Ms Lakesha, and tons of special surprises throughout the night. We’re definitely taking a risk throwing this thing on a national holiday, but what better way to finish off the day than with a sweaty rap show. Check out the full details below and grab your tickets right HERE. Shot and I have been practicing for the last couple of weeks and things are really locking in. Can’t wait to see you down there.

Big time shouts to Erica Rivera and City Pages as well for running this excellent article on Longshot and the making of the album. Check that out right HERE. And of course, if you’ve been sleeping on Parades during this hectic summer, you can always rectify that situation by grabbing a physical copy from the Doomtree Webstore (HERE), or a digital copy from Bandcamp (HERE) or iTunes (HERE).

Speaking of ridiculously banging new albums (SEGUE!!!), last week we announced the news of the debut collaborative project from Sims, Air Credits, and ICETEP. Rappers Sims and ShowYouSuck joined forces with producers Steve Reidell and ICETEP to create Artería Verité, a 10-track futuristic concept album that KNOCKS.  Check out the video for lead single “Hologramme” below, directed by Peter Angus Medlock and shot on location in Chicago. So tight.

SIMS x AIR CREDITS x ICETEP – “Hologramme” (directed by Peter Angus Medlock)

We’ll be releasing Artería Verité in exactly one month, this August 3rd, on Doomtree Records, and we’ve got a ton of crazy exclusive options for you if you choose to support the group and pre-order from the Doomtree Webstore. Check out all the insane bonus items that come with the Deluxe Pre-Order below and grab your copy today right HERE.

And definitely stay tuned, as we’ll have lots more Sims, Air Credits, and ICETEP news, videos, songs, and tour dates in the coming weeks. These dudes are not playing.

Speaking of tour dates (SEGUE II), Dessa and her band just wrapped up the final leg of the Chime World Tour last weekend. Dessa has essentially been on the road non-stop since Chime dropped in February, hitting tons of cities in North America, Europe, and Asia throughout the last four months. Thank you so much to everyone that bought a ticket, grabbed an album, told a friend, and generally supported Dessa and this music. Here’s a few recap videos from director Keegan Burckhard of the last couple shows.


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And a thank you from Dessa as she prepares to head home and sleep for seven whole days.


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Just because the music tour is over though doesn’t mean there can’t be a BOOK TOUR. Dessa’s debut memoir My Own Devices will be released this September by Dutton Books, and she’ll be hitting the road for several readings and signings later that month. Check out all the details and grab yourself a copy of the book and some tickets right HERE.

Oh and with all the Chime accolades this year, let’s not forget that Parts of Speech just turned five years old this week. To celebrate we’ve marked down the CD to $5 and the LP to $10 on the Doomtree Webstore which you can grab right HERE and right HERE respectively.

That about does it for all the Doomtree-related news this week. Our special guest DJ this week at Surly’s weekly Summer of Sound series is none other than Greg Grease of ZULUZULUU and astralblack fame. Greg is going to be ringing in the 4th a little early tonight with all sorts of party jams. 7-10pm, FREE.99, and completely all ages. Come down, crush some excellent food and beers, and listen to some sweet tunes.

I know the Bonus Jams have been slacking a little bit over the last couple of busy weeks. If I’m being 100% truthful, this week the only music I’ve listened to whatsoever is Drake’s new Scorpion album. I’m a self-admitted crazy die-hard Drake fan, and I truly consider him to be my favorite living musical artist. So you know I’m coming into this one pretty biased. Either way, I’m loving all the new songs – especially the R&B-leaning second half. Check out the whole thing below and I’ll be back next week with a more varied and diverse range of Bonus Jam artists so long as someone secretly removes Scorpion from my phone.

Alright, I hope you all have a wonderful and extremely relaxing holiday week. If you’re anywhere near the Twin Cities, please come down and celebrate with us at the Entry tomorrow night. Otherwise I’ll be up in Eaux Claires all weekend and will hopefully run into some of yous there as well. See you back here next Tuesday either way!

— Beak

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