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OH. YEAH. BABY. Welcome back to another edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. It’s the first Tuesday of May, which means we’ve got another action-packed episode of the Tuesdays With Lazerbeak podcast for you. For our 21st ep, Jeyca and I do our first remote quarantine hang – checking in on one another via Instagram Live to talk about how we’re both holding up, how often we’ve each cried, what we’re watching and listening to, and a plethora of other fascinating subjects. That’s us fake hi-fiving below thanks to some genius photoshop from our main man Mitch.

You can check out the full hour-long episode in the Soundcloud player below or wherever you prefer to listen to you podcasts from right HERE. As always, thanks so much for listening and sharing.


In other exciting premiere news, I’m thrilled to debut the fourth Night Stone single from ICETEP and I’s collaborative album dropping May 15th on Doomtree Records. This one is called “Night Rider” and it features the absolutely out-of-this-world vocal talents of Channy Leaneagh from one of my all time fav bands POLIÇA. Can’t thank her enough for contributing to this project. She absolutely destroyed it. Check out “Night Rider” below and stream it or purchase it wherever you enjoy music right HERE. Pass it around if you get a chance too. Thanks!

Night Stone (Lazerbeak + ICETEP) – “Night Rider” ft. Channy Leaneagh of POLIÇA


And don’t forget about the awesome Night Stone Pre-Order going on over at the Doomtree Webstore. Check out the picture below to see all the sweet stuff you get with the Deluxe Pre-Order and grab your copy right HERE.

OMG I’m so friggin excited about #DoomtreeTV!!!! Last Friday we released Episode 3 and it was by far my favorite one yet. You can watch the entire episode below, which features some incredible cameos from The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper, Sophia Eris, Psalm One, and Crescent Moon. Plus Mike Mictlan debuts his Dadface bit, Sims knocks out another Simsy Fixy, Papes gives us another round of Very Cool, Cecil drops a Big Cat Rap, and I handwrite all 1,250 Patreon names onto posterboard and redecorate the Doomtree Headquarters. BEST SHOW EVER.


In case you’ve missed any episodes, you can now watch all three at Doomtree.net/tv right HERE. We’re having so much fun with this thing. It honestly reminds me of when Doomtree first started. Last week Sims was teaching me how to edit in iMovie the same way that P.O.S was teaching me how to chop samples back in 2000. CIRCLE OF LIFE, BABY. Make sure to tune in every Friday at 8pm CST for a brand new episode. We all jump into the YouTube live stream comments and it’s become a really fun way to interact with everybody. Huge shouts once again to our presenting sponsor CenturyLink Fiber for helping us pull it off. You can learn all about the cool things they’re up to right HERE.

And speaking of live streams (SEGUE!!!!!!!), Dessa continues her formal-attire-from-the-waist-up weekly literary hang this Thursday night on her Instagram Live. Make a strong cocktail, put on that fancy red dress or black turtleneck, slip on some ridiculous house shoes, and join the fun at 7:45pm CST right HERE.

That’s it for the Doomtree-related news this week, so let’s jump into the Bonus Jams before calling it a day. I love this Australian band Kllo so much and it appears as though they’re gearing up to release a second album shortly. This new “Still Here” single is just as good as anything on their debut. SO PUMPED.

Kll0 – “Still Here”


We also got a new HAIM single last week and it’s one of the best songs they’ve ever written in my humble opinion. Check out “I Know Alone” and its awesome music video below.

HAIM – “I Know Alone”


HAIM are tied with The Killers for my favorite living band, and said Killers are gearing up for a new album as well. Things are really going well for me in that regard. “Fire In Bone” is the fantastic second single from Imploding the Mirage. God I love these guys.

The Killers – “Fire In Bone”


Not necessarily a whole band, but Drake would definitely be in my Top 3 Artists alongside HAIM and The Killers, and we just got a full album worth of unreleased material from him last Friday! It’s really strong and only makes me more excited for the official studio follow-up later this summer. “D4L” is by far my fav track so far.

Drake – “D4L” ft. Future and Young Thug


This Megan Thee Stallion/Beyoncé collaboration is going to be unescapable all summer long, and for good reason. It’s really really good. Dreaming of a full album collabo between these two. That Houston connect is strong.

Megan Thee Stallion – “Savage Remix” ft. Beyoncé


So excited for the new Kehlani album dropping this Friday!!!! Check out new single “F&MU” below. Now we just have to somehow solve the beef between her and Kamaiyah and make everything right in the Bay.

Kehlani – “F&MU”


Our dear friend ShowYouSuck of the excellent Chicago duo Air Credits just released a phenomenal quarantine mixtape to bump in your respective corners of the world. He is one of my favorite people in the entire world and this new project is fantastic. Go buy it HERE and support incredible independent music.

ShowYouSuck – I Went Into Quarantine and All I Got Was This Damn $wag VOL. 1

Prof just announced a new album coming out at the end of June and released this outrageously awesome video for first single “Squad Goals” at the same. damn. time. This is one of my fav songs from him and the video is a must-watch. Excited to hear more from Powderhorn Suites.

Prof – “Squad Goals”


Big shouts to my main man Ilan Blanck who has been working with me for the last year on all things Doomtree (and a big reason why we got this whole Patreon thing off the ground as well). His band Porky’s Groove Machine is great and they just released a sweet new video for their single “Freak in the Sheets.” Check it out below.

Porky’s Groove Machine – “Freak in the Sheets”


And lastly, here’s a newish one from my guy Craig Finn off his upcoming collection of B-sides and outtakes All These Perfect Crosses. Check out the excellent title track below. Some serious “Long December” Counting Crows vibes and I mean that with the highest amount of praise and admiration.

Craig Finn – “All These Perfect Crosses”


Alright, that’s it for this post. I hope you all have an excellent week staying safe and staying away from the crowds. Hope to see a ton of you virtually on Friday night as we all watch episode 4 of #DoomtreeTV together. If not, next Tuesday for sure. Keep on hanging in there!

— Beak

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