Cloquet ‘New Drugs’ Album Announcement!

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HOLY MOLY have I got a blog post for you today. I hope everyone got a little chance to relax over the long weekend, kick your feet up a bit, and catch your breath. And I hope you’re sitting down right now for this big-time crazy announcement: CLOQUET are back!!! The duo of producer Paper Tiger and vocalist J.Gundersen have just announced their second album, New Drugs, will be out in just one month on June 26th via Doomtree Records!!!! That’s the awesome artwork for New Drugs below.

And you know we couldn’t announce a new album without a brand new single. Check out lead track “Breathing” below on the YouTube and Soundcloud links, or right HERE on whatever streaming platform you’d prefer. Such a banger!!! Enjoy and please help us pass the around the world wide web if you get a second this week.

CLOQUET – “Breathing”


And since we can’t have a new album without a new single, we also can’t have a new single without a new pre-order!!! That’s just how it works, folks. We’ve got a couple of super simple and fantastic pre-order options for you at the Doomtree Webstore right HERE. Both Standard and Deluxe versions of CD and LP are available. This is the first Cloquet record to ever get pressed to vinyl and that makes me tremendously happy! Check out the beautiful album layout below courtesy of Papes and James. One of my fav things about this project is not only how it incorporates their awesome musical collaboration, but also their design, graphic, and video collaborations into this entire multi-media package. So rad.

So mark your calendars: New Drugs by Cloquet is out June 26th on Doomtree Records. WE GOT ANOTHER ONE. Thanks for all or your support as always. Tell a friend to tell a friend and we’ll keep you posted in the coming weeks with tons more music and info. What a way to kick off the summer!

And speaking of new music (SEGUE!!!), it brings me immense joy to announce a new musical unit called DOPE WALKER. This project is a dream come true and has been in the works for over 20 years now if you can believe it. Dope Walker is a for real indie rock super group featuring me and Jeff Allen from The Plastic Constellations, Joel Anderson from Ten Grand and Tornavalanche, Mike Schulte from Brian Jones and The Pork Tornadoes, and William Elliott Whitmore from Hallways of Always and Middle Western. That’s our band name written in the Slayer font below.

I went out on my first ever tour with the Plastic Constellations, Ten Grand (then known as The Vidablue), and a young Will Whitmore way back when I was 17. We talked about starting a side project band like all bands touring together on the road do, and here we are all these years later: MEN OF OUR WORD. You can check out the first single from Dope Walker below or at any of the usual streaming services right HERE. Huge shouts to our old friends at Modern Radio Record Label for releasing upcoming music from the group, and to Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios for breathing life into the project in the first place. DREAM TEAM. Guitars are back, baby! Stay tuned, we’ve got tons more Dope Walker news on the way much sooner than later. Feels so cool to be in a rock band again. Check out “These Freaks” below.

Dope Walker – “These Freaks”


And if all that news wasn’t enough for one week, our dear friend Sophia Eris will be releasing her new project Trapper Keeper THIS FRIDAY.  The entire album was co-produced by Bionik and myself and I can’t wait for you to hear it. Sophia dropped this amazing lyric video for single “Trap House” last week, created yet again by the illustrious Adam Dunn aka Phantom Sloth. He’s on a roll! Check out the video below, share the news with your people, and we’ll see you this Friday for the release of Trapper Keeper!

Sophia Eris – “Trap House” (Video created by Adam Dunn / Track produced by Lazerbeak and Bionik)


And speaking of rolls (SEGUE II), #DoomtreeTV is on a serious one. We’re now SIX EPISODES deep into the weekly variety show, and while I do recognize that I’m a little bit biased, I truly think this show is getting better and better as we go. Check out the full sixth episode in its entirety below. So many gems, plus a special quarantined live performance of “Bangarang” at the very end. ENJOY and we’ll see you this Friday at 8pm central for Episode 7 on

DOOMTREE TV – Episode 6


We’ve been having a blast doing our weekly #DoomtreeTV Kids Art Critique. A reminder to send in pictures of any sort of artwork that your child is making during quarantine. Just at us @DOOMTREE on Twitter and use the hashtag #DoomtreeTV, then upload your pic. We’ve also got a brand new segment we’ll be rolling out shortly: The #DoomtreeTV Fashion Review. Send us a pic of your best outfit and we’ll let you know what we think. Same deal with the hashtag sitch. Bring it on!

And lastly, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for No Kings protective masks. Thanks to our good friends at Twin City Tees now you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, look out for your fellow humans, and rep TTBT at the SAME. DAMN. TIME. Should be noted that these are not medical grade PPE. All profits from the sale of these masks will go to help the National Independent Venue Association who is fighting hard to keep our indie clubs alive during this pandemic. You can learn tons more about NIVA right HERE and learn how to become a member and sign the petition.  And you can grab a mask right from the Doomtree Webstore right HERE.

Alright! That’s it for this action-packed post. I hope you all have an incredible week. Gonna leave you with this new Cloquet heater in case you missed it up top. So excited for this album. Bump “Breathing” at top volume and I’ll see you back here next Tuesday for another edition of TWL.

CLOQUET – “Breathing”


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