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Gonna keep this post super brief but wanted to check in with everyone and send love to you. I’ve tried to write this blog like 12 times over the last few days. I’m hurting for my community. I’m hurting for your community. Black Lives Matter. It matters that over 92% of the police in Minneapolis don’t live here and treat this city like a foreign war zone. It matters that people in my community of all colors and races (including myself) are more afraid of the police, national guard, and white supremacists than anything else right now. That we are literally organizing block by block to look out for, feed, and protect our fellow neighbors because nobody else will. It matters that George Floyd was choked for nine minutes in broad daylight and killed by police while crying out for his dead mother. I’m asking us to acknowledge the centuries of hurt, pain, and violence that have been inflicted on the black community, and to stand up and make our voices heard. Amplify black voices and black community leaders. Donate to causes dedicated to defunding the police and putting pressure on government and local officials to take drastic steps toward police reform or abolishment. Look out for your neighbors and bring food to drop points in your community. Listen, educate yourself, and then speak out – especially if you are white like myself. There is simply no more room for silence. Posting a black square on Instagram is not gonna do it either without continual action, discussion, and organizing.

There is so much information out there right now – and I know that feels incredibly overwhelming. Do your best to sort through it and also remember the self care basics. You must continue to take care of yourself in order to fully take care of others. Sleep. Eat. Drink water. It’s ok to unplug from social media temporarily to recharge. Below is one of the most comprehensive documents I’ve found with information on what you can do specifically in the Twin Cities to help. There is truly something for everybody in here – we need people on the front line and we need people on the back line. Click HERE to learn about everything from signing petitions, aid distribution, places to donate to, mental health info, upcoming protests, defunding the police, education for white allies, assistance for protesters and so much more. It’s a lot to take in but there is a really sweet guide at the top to help assist you. You are not alone in your outrage, confusion, or feelings of helplessness. Please pass this document around if you can.

And if you need some time to just sit and take it all in, here is the seventh episode of Doomtree TV – in honor of George Floyd. No bits, but a lot of Doomtree songs to bump in solidarity. We’ll be doing something similar this Friday as well.

Doomtree TV Episode 7


I hope you are safe and I wish you so much love, strength, and encouragement in standing up tall against this tremendous oppression. I am clinging to the little bits of light in the dark. Watching my neighbors and community organize together and protect each other. Seeing the outpouring of love and support at food drop-off sites and people helping one another not only clean up the streets during the day but standing watch and keeping them safe at night. In loving memory of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless other black men and women murdered by police.

So much love to you. Stay strong. I’ll see you next Tuesday.


— Beak

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