Dessa Releases “Bombs Away” Song and Video

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Happy Ides of February! It’s once again the 15th, and that means Dessa is releasing another new song in the form of her monthly IDES series. This second single is called “Bombs Away” and features production once again from the #TripleThreat of Andy Thompson, Lazerbeak, and Dessa – with a killer trumpet section ending by our guy Cameron Kinghorn. You can check out the sweet artwork courtesy of MK Larada below.

You can be one of the first to check out the brand new music video for “Bombs Away” below. Huge shouts to our good friends Jessy Gonzalez and Keegan Burckhard for pulling this one off.

Dessa – “Bombs Away” (Shot by Jessy Gonzalez / Edited by Keegan Burckhard)


Dessa – “Bombs Away” (Produced by Andy Thompson, Lazerbeak, and Dessa)


We’ve got a new limited-edition item to go along with the “Bombs Away” release too. That’s right: it’s the Bombs Away Bomber Jacket, featuring “Dessa” and “Bombs Away” embroidered on the front chest and a huge embroidered IDES logo on the back. The sleeve pocket also features a custom Dessa zipper pull. Check it out below and grab yours HERE while you still can. This special pre-order will only last until the end of February.

And lastly, we’re running another little IDES contest this time around. Starting today, anyone who purchases “Bombs Away” on Bandcamp for $5 or more will be entered to win a lyric card handwritten by Dessa with your choice of lyrics from any one of her songs. Grab the track on Bandcamp HERE. And thanks for the support!

And in final Dessa news, she’s just made the enormous announcement that she’ll be hosting a brand new podcast in collaboration with the BBC, American Public Media, and iHeartRadio. It’s called Deeply Human and the first episode will premiere worldwide on March 8th. That’s the teaser video below. Gonna be wild.


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Alright, that’s enough news for this post. Bump “Bombs Away” at max volume below and have a wonderful week!