Lazerbeak Releases “Cheesecake / Sky High” Single


Holy moly it’s already September, and that means I’m back with another two-shot single from my upcoming Lava Bangers II instrumental album. Today I’m extremely excited to share “Cheesecake” and “Sky High” with you. Major shouts to Northern Transmission who just premiered both tracks over their site right HERE. That’s the killer artwork below from my main man Andy McAlpine.

I wrote “Cheesecake” as a sort of musical eulogy for our family dog who passed away much too soon. We only had Cheesy¬†Bear for about 18 months, but in that time he really became a member of our family and brought so much love and tenderness to me and my kids. That damn dog just loved escaping and running free, so this song is what I imagine he must look like right now up in the clouds galloping with all the other dogs that clearly go to heaven. It’s one of my favorite tracks from the record and brings to mind so many incredible memories that we shared with the legend god Cheesecake himself.

“Sky High” is just an all out assault of a lava banger. I needed something to rock me out of my sentimental feels, and this one does just that. Bang your head, sweat it out on the dance floor, ball till you fall, go dumb at the sideshow, what have you. One of my main goals on this album was to use an excessive amount of siren sound effects, and the chorus of this track might be the pinnacle of that mission. I hope it gets you moving.

You can stream both tracks below, but before I go I just wanted to remind you to check out the physical pre-order over the Doomtree Webstore right HERE. We’ve got all sorts of insane extras that come with the limited-edition 2xLP, like Lava Bangers hot sauce, tie dye shirts, enamel pins, and holographic stickers. Dooooooooit.