Lazerbeak Announces New Dope Walker Album

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Big news! Lazerbeak’s indie rock band Dope Walker has just announced that they’ll be releasing their long-awaited sophomore album later this spring. It’s called Heavy Revelations and it’s out May 3rd. The band consists of lifelong buds Beak and Jeff from The Plastic Constellations, Joel from Ten Grand/The Vida Blue, Will from William Elliott Whitmore, and Mike from Brian Jones/Pork Tornadoes. That’s the sick cover art below courtesy of William and Andrew Cahak.

The band has released TWO new songs to get you pumped up for the impending twelve track full-length. Check out “Mysticle Listicle” featuring Jeff Allen on vocals, and “Set It On Fire” featuring William Elliott Whitmore on vocals below. Shouts to Joel’s kids for creating the Steamboat Willie artwork now that it’s fully cleared the public domain.




There’s been an extremely limited run of physical LPs made up for the album preorder. Only 100 hand-numbered copies exist in total and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Grab yours at the Doomtree Webstore right HERE while supplies last.

Lastly, here’s a little note directly from Beak about the origins of this project. Stay tuned!

I’m beyond excited to share some new music from my band DOPE WALKER. In theory, this project started about 20+ years ago on me and Jeff’s first ever tour as The Plastic Constellations. We were still in high school and our big Iowa brothers in Ten Grand (then known as The Vida Blue) were kind enough to take us out East for a few weeks on a self-booked run. TPC! rode in my mom and dad’s Toyota Previa, and the Ten Grand guys had their buddy William Elliott Whitmore piled into their Econoline. Will opened up all the shows on that run with just a folding chair and a banjo. On some late night drive in Pennsylvania we joked about forming some sort of supergroup between all three acts, and now, a million years later, we’ve actually made good on that. Dope Walker consists of me and Jeff from The Plastic Constellations, Joel Anderson from Ten Grand/Vida Blue, William Elliott Whitmore (from William Elliott Whitmore duh), and Mike Schulte from the great old Iowa band Brian Jones and the great new Iowa band The Pork Tornadoes. It has been a dream come true to get back together with all these lifelong friends and make a little noise again. I really hope you enjoy this first sneak peak, and I’ll be back next month with even more new music to check out before the LP drops in May. 

— Beak