Dessa on the East Coast

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I’m writing from a Chicago sunroom (thanks for putting us up, Anna) with some pretty big news for me and the band. In a few short weeks, we’ll be heading out on our very first East Coast headlining tour.  Just a little trip, but feeling like a pretty big adventure. Here goes. Thursday, November 10th. Iota in Arlington. Friday, November 11th. … Read More

Castor, The Twin.

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Today’s the big day! The official Castor, The Twin release date is upon us. Hyperbole! It’s like a secular Christmas for which you must buy your own gifts. Preorders are arriving and the record is now available online and at record stores. And, as always, Doomtree has a master plan. But–as always–this plan is woefully simple. Here it is: Convince … Read More

One Last Push.

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The pre-order for my new disc, Castor, The Twin is drawing to a close, so the The Kid Ander and I made a little video to more fully explain the project. Thanks to everyone who’s spent a bit of their lunch money with us. [vimeo][/vimeo] If you’d like to pick up a signed pre-order copy, you can still do so here. … Read More

Tuesdays with Dessa.

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Well helloooo there! This is Dessa writing to bid you a very Good Morning! Okay, first things first: Lazerbeak is just fine. He is safe and he is comfortable and he is breathing easily through the tape. And now I am here. To hijack his blog. Welcome to Tuesdays with Lazerbeak Dessa. Today I am announcing the details of my … Read More

Into The Spin Tour – Sioux Falls

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Take a look at these photos of Dessa, Sims and Lazerbeak from the first night of the Into The Spin Tour! Click on any of the three to view the whole set, shot by Kate Monson. Make sure you don’t miss the show if we’re playing near you….are we playing near you? Find out at! Also be sure to … Read More

Junior High, Benders, and Dress-up gigs.

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In this edition: 8th Grade Talent Show Relived SXSW Reviewed Road trips, Radio, Snowboots and Dress Shoes FAIR. Every year P.O.S and I visit the 8th graders at the FAIR school. It’s a remarkable place where young people beat the snot out of national averages and teachers all but eradicate the achievement gap.  P.O.S and I talk about finding your … Read More