POS in Europe

DoomtreeP.O.S, Tour

P.O.S is kicking ass and taking hard-to-spell names on his European tour. Meanwhile, the other members of Doomtree are scheming domestically. If you live to the left of Minneapolis, members of Doomtree may be headed your way. Tour dates to be announced soon.

POS “Never Better” Today

DoomtreeP.O.S, Releases

The Album is out today and there is SO much going on!!! P.O.S, Sims, Mike Mictlan, and Lazerbeak have left for tour this morning, details here. Go see them dudes in your town! Also the new Site for Never Better is up and running, check that out here. Tour Kick Off Video is here. And you can get it here!

POS leaks Drumroll

DoomtreeP.O.S, Releases

POS leaked “Drumroll” off his album “Never Better” today over at Absolutepunk.net. You can check it out there on his Myspace page or Imeem. Also Take a look at this album artwork, yeah its pretty much that insane new hotness.


DoomtreeP.O.S, Releases

Couple things real quick, as you just noticed a new P.O.S song is streaming on our splash page, (Why am i telling you that?). Also, the HAND OVER FIST instrumental record is available now from itunes, check out the store for info.