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Yesterday’s in-store was a success indeed. Thanks to all who came down. Friday’s CD release show is getting written up left and right. Somewhere in the middle stands the City Pages. Speaking of release, when this week is all said and done we’re going to need to kick back and cool out for a bit. And what better way to do … Read More

Doomtree Crew Album – NOW AVAILABLE


Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Thank goodness that the Doomtree crew album is now officially available — now you can have something to listen to for the rest of your life. Or for the next few weeks. Or whichever comes first. In any case, we could not be more pumped. And also psyched. And a … Read More

POS "Drumroll" Video Premiere Today On MTVU

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YO! At last the video premiere you’ve all been waiting for! Head over to MTVu now to check out “Drumroll”, the first video off of POS’ upcoming album Never Better. The Video! The Behind the scenes stuff! Directors: Todd Cobery & Scott Wenner Producer: Brady Kiernan Director of Photography: Bo Hakala Editor: Joe Martin Graphic Effects: Scott Wenner Production Designer: … Read More

Two Days

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Two days ’til Tuesday, y’all. Maaaan damn. The crew is back, and we’re excited to meet you at 5pm on Tuesday at the Fifth Element. We’ve given up the custom rubber stamp signatures and eye rolling for Sharpies and genuine appreciation. It’s a trial run, so we’ll see how it goes. Check back in tomorrow for more news and the premiere of … Read More

5 Days

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Only five days until the Doomtree crew album tears this beautiful country’s face off! Yowzah! Since we had absolutely nothing better to do in the past several weeks than watch TV and burn things with a magnifying glass, we decided to be productive and make a little video. Check out what happened at vimeo. Or if you like your entertainment chopped … Read More

Two Weeks

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Nearly two weeks ’til the Doomtree crew album drops. That’s insane. Get ready, because we’re not. We’re pleased to inform you that on Tuesday the 29th we’ll be playing an in-store at the Fifth Element in Minneapolis. It’ll be your first chance to cop the record (with a clean conscience at least) and we’ll be signing CDs and posters and report cards. You … Read More

July 29th – The Record

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So. In case you have not yet noticed, we are releasing a record on July 29th. It’s the first-ever official Doomtree Crew record, eight years in the making. It’s pretty good, too. Scratch that; it’s pretty really good. You can already preorder it directly from the Doomtree store, which guarantees that you’ll receive it on (or before) the 29th. Hells yeah. We are … Read More

False Hopes on iTunes

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Despite our continued insistence that this mp3 crap is merely a fad, we have relented and are pleased to announce that Doomtree False Hopes is now available from itunes (among other places). Now when you only want one DTR song you won’t have to wait for us to mail you a tiny CD. Amazing. We’ll continue to make new releases and old stuff … Read More

Plastic Constellations

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Yesterday marked the release the brand new album by our homies-for-life the Plastic Constellations. It’s a masterpiece, brother. Cop it now. We couldn’t be more excited to help these dudes celebrate their new baby and impending collapse this Saturday at First Avenue. The whole damn Doomtree crew will bring the ruckus, with additional ruckus to be brought by the Millionth Word (MK Larada’s … Read More



Over the coming weeks, Doomtree will start occasionally putting new, unreleased, and extremely rare songs on our myspace page for limited periods of time. Could be for a day, could be for an hour. Who knows? (We do.) And we’re only occasionally going to announce it. So it’s pretty much up to you; if you want it, come and get it.