Last Days.

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Pre-order here: And thanks. Dessa.

Beak on deck.

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The great day is almost upon us: On September 28th, Doomtree Records will release the debut disc from Lazerbeak, Legend Recognize Legend. Sincere thanks to those of you who’ve pre-ordered the disc. As you may know, pre-order sales allow Doomtree to compete with bigger labels who have greater resources. If we can sell direct to our listeners, and bypass all … Read More

All Day. Erry Day.

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Doomtree is positively a-buzz with industry. Yesterday, while sitting in my mom’s car at the Mall of America, I got a call from Alex at Billboard. He called to inform me that Paper Tiger’s album made one of their charts.  And we chatted! Because we have developed what can be fairly called ‘a friendly and informal rapport’! I will keep … Read More

Art is Bad…

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Check this new video by Isaac Arvold (AKA-“Art is Bad”).  Not mad at the sound track.

wow, look at these suckers

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This might be the most self-indulgent, masturbatory thing I have ever seen. I am all about raising awareness for the Haitian relief effort but c’mon yo! I love it when celebrities try to make themselves feel better by “contributing” Check 5:50, LL tv cop J is goin in! Killin em son!