Dessa is a rapper, a singer, and an essayist with the Doomtree collective–the ascendant Minneapolis hip-hop crew. She’s landed on the Billboard Top 200 list as a solo artist (Parts of Speech) and as a Doomtree member (All Hands), and has made a career out of bucking traditional genre designations–rapping at Lollapalooza, arranging for full choir, and co-writing classical works for an orchestra. As a writer, she’s contributed to MPR, the Star Tribune, literary journals around the country, and has published two short collections of her own.

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Almost one year after the release of her critically acclaimed album Parts of Speech, Dessa is releasing a remix EP featuring new takes from a number of talented artists including Doomtree cohorts Cecil Otter, Lazerbeak, as part of COMMITTEE (Lazerbeak x Ryan Olson), as well as Budo, Grant Cutler, among others.

1. Fighting Fish (The Hood Internet Remix)
2. Warsaw (Cecil Otter Remix)
3. Call Off Your Ghost (COMMITTEE Remix)
4. Fighting Fish (Dustin Kiel Remix)
5. Warsaw (Budo Remix)
6. It’s Only Me (The Year of the Horse Remix)
7. It’s Only Me (Grant Cutler Remix)
8. Skeleton Key (Youngblood Brass Band Remix)

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