Grand Old Day

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The entire crew will be performing a massive outdoor set this Sunday in St. Paul at Grand Old Day.  Plus Dessa is also doing a solo set earlier in the day as well.  The whole thing is gonna rule pretty hard, and we’re all really looking forward to eating a bunch of crazy foods on sticks.  Details are as follows: … Read More


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This is year is full of first’s for the collective, one of those being our first “art” show.There are a lot of things that we have made over the years both Doomtree specific and not, as well as many incredible items that others have made for no other reason than the fact that they fucking love Doomtree (thank you). We … Read More

Call for Doomtree Art

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Hello Doom listeners. In a departure from our primary medium, Doomtree is going 2D. We’ve been invited by a Minneapolis gallery to throw a little art show, and we’re rising to the challenge. If you happen to be a visual artist who’s painted, drawn, knitted, or baked a project depicting Doomtree artists, we may just be interested in displaying your … Read More

20 MIN MIX #3

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Here we go, the 3rd installment of this ongoing tradition of the 20 MIN MIX. This is what I like to call the “Random Stack”, there is really no rhyme or reason to this one. I just grabbed some random tracks and put them together. Hope you like it. It’s 2010, let’s do this, DOOMTREE! > (Right Click Here to … Read More

New 20 MIN MIX !!!

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Here is the next installment of the ongoing 20 MIX tradition. This time around I decided to go with a dedication to EPMD. It’s 20 min of some of the classics by Erick and Parrish. Keep checking back I will be doing these as often as possible. (OPTION CLICK TO SAVE) PAPER TIGER 20 MIN MIX # 2 – EPMD>


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Ok, So i am starting a new tradition here at Its called the 20 MIN MIX, It is going to be a series of quick mixtapes that i will be posting whenever I get a chance to make a new one. 20 Minutes, nothing fancy, its just whatever I am in the mood for at a given time, sort … Read More