Instrumental Saturday

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Despite the fact that I didn’t make these beats Imma post ’em up on here so y’all can peep ’em.  Figured I could let you know a little about my process in writing. I don’t know maybe we’ll do some remix contest or something in the future.  MK made this beat a year or two ago and sent it to me … Read More

And The Winner Is……

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For some reason I have been trying to keep our website politics free, which has proven difficult with the ongoing HealthCare “debate”, that has become an orgy of media dictatorship and an embarrassingly ugly and childish discourse but this was just too much today. President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize to this reaction: Wow.  These people are so conflicted. I … Read More


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The Vikings let them back in the game towards the end. Aaron Rogers is for real but the Packers O-line is as weak as it gets. Jared Allen 4.5 sack 1 forced fumble and 1 safety. Favre still has it, 24-32 for 271 yards 3 TD’s. Adrian Peterson 55 yards on 22 carries. Sims 14 clapping/screaming outbursts on couch alone, … Read More

J. Cole

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Don’t know if y’all are up on this guy but his flow is official. World Is Empty ( <- click)

Thursday Night Jam

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Here’s an old gem i was just bumpin in my girl’s civic tonight… Come On (<- click that)

to my people in wisconsin..

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I FEEL YOU.  I would be mad if i were you. Dad has moved on to a new and much much better family.  But I found this for you:

Bastille Day

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Bastille day was dope. Thanks to everyone who came out. Sims