20 MIN MIX #5

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So we are all headed over to California next week for the Paid Dues Festival, and guess who’s headlining? ICE CUBE. Yep it’s pretty much insane all day. So I decided to throw together my favorite Cube songs for this installment of the 20 MIN MIX RIGHT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD >

Art is Bad…

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Check this new video by Isaac Arvold (AKA-“Art is Bad”).  Not mad at the sound track.

20 MIN MIX #4

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Ahhhh yes, here is the 4th installment of the 20 min mix. This one takes us back to the early 90’s with new jack swing. What a wonderful time, it wasn’t really R+B, it really wasn’t Rap, but something in between, and all together awesome. It reminds me of very bright colored suits, and questionable dance moves. So let’s get … Read More

3 weeks…

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I just got back from 3 amazing weeks of being on the road. Well, away from home at least. The first week I was gone I was in Aspen Colorado. I DJ a party for the X-games out there, and it was as much if not more fun than last time. I got to stay in a baller ass hotel … Read More

New 20 MIN MIX !!!

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Here is the next installment of the ongoing 20 MIX tradition. This time around I decided to go with a dedication to EPMD. It’s 20 min of some of the classics by Erick and Parrish. Keep checking back I will be doing these as often as possible. (OPTION CLICK TO SAVE) PAPER TIGER 20 MIN MIX # 2 – EPMD>


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Ok, So i am starting a new tradition here at doomtree.net. Its called the 20 MIN MIX, It is going to be a series of quick mixtapes that i will be posting whenever I get a chance to make a new one. 20 Minutes, nothing fancy, its just whatever I am in the mood for at a given time, sort … Read More