Dessa Releases “Decoy” Single & Music Video

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BOOOOM! Dessa has just released a new music video for “Decoy,” the third single off of her upcoming album Bury the Lede. The song was produced by Lazerbeak and Andy Thompson, and you can check out the killer music video created by Adam Dunn below.   Bury the Lede is out September 29th on Doomtree Records and there’s still time … Read More

LAZERBEAK “Summer Blockbuster” Music Video

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The brand new music video accompaniment to Lazerbeak’s “Summer Blockbuster” single, the first glimpse into his forthcoming Cameron LP, is here! Huge shouts to Erin Busko for continuing to create the wonderful vizualz throughout Beak’s solo album trilogy. Check out all of her great work at More details on this Cameron album coming soon, but for now enjoy the … Read More


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Lazerbeak has just released the third single from his upcoming instrumental solo album Penelope! “On The Lawn” showcases the more meditative and methodical musical qualities of the project and comes with an awesome vizual from director Erin Busko AKA (IG: @buskowski), who also created the companion “Ready” music video from Beak’s Luther album which you can check out right … Read More

Four Fists “Nobody’s Biz” Music Video!

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Huge shouts to the good folks at Brooklyn Vegan for premiering the brand new Four Fists music video for 6666 album opener “Nobody’s Biz.” This one is a super crazy epic directed by Mercies May. Read all about it at Brooklyn Vegan HERE or check it out below. ENJOY! And please help us spread the word far and wide to … Read More

Longshot and Lazerbeak “Going Home” Music Video

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BAM! Today Longshot and Lazerbeak have premiered the brand new music video for “Going Home” from their collaborative Parades album. The video was shot in Longshot’s hometown of Chicago and directed by Adad. Check out the sweet vizualz below and help us spread the word! Longshot and Lazerbeak – “Going Home” (Directed by Adad) Longshot will be throwing his own … Read More

Dessa “Fire Drills” Music Video

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BOOOM! Here’s the brand new “Fire Drills” music video from Dessa’s Chime album. Shot in Berlin and directed by filmmaker extraordinaire Irene Kotnik. Huge shouts to NPR for the world premiere. Read all about it HERE. Please share this video and help us spread the word! Dessa – “Fire Drills” (directed by Irene Kotnik)

Dessa “5 out of 6” Music Video Premiere!

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BOOOM! Dessa just released the brand new music video for her latest Chime single “5 out of 6.” Huge shouts to Mashable for the assist with the premiere. The visual was shot out in NYC and directed by the incredibly talented Raquel Marvez. Check it out below and help spread the word! Dessa – “5 out of 6” (directed by … Read More

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak

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Yooooooooo! Welcome back to an action-packed edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. Last week we world premiered a brand new Shredders video for our single “Flipping Cars.” Huge shouts to everyone that helped us get the word out there. We had an absolute blast making this one with director and longtime collaborator Isaac Gale. Check it out below and please share … Read More

P.O.S “Roddy Piper” Music Video!

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HAPPY FRIDAY! P.O.S has just released a brand new video for “Roddy Piper” off of this year’s Chill, dummy release. The video was created, directed, and VFX’d by our good friend Adam J. Dunn and inserts Stef into lots of crazy scenes with Roddy Piper himself. You gotta see this one. P.O.S on the raps, Ryan Olson and Lazerbeak on … Read More