Hand Over Fist CD Release

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Hey! Guess what? Yep, we are having a CD Release Party for HAND OVER FIST! Whats that? Well that is the record from Mike Mictlan and Lazerbeak. And yes it is really really good.  SEPTEMBER 28 MIKE MICTLAN+LAZERBEAK – HAND OVER FIST CD RELEASE PARTY!!! w/ F.STOKES, MR. WRIGHT, BIG QUARTERS 7TH STREET ENTRY First Avenue is located at: 701 First … Read More

Grand Old Day


This weekend Doomtree will be playing a mega-set at Grand Old Day in St. Paul. We’ll be at the Onion Stage from 3:15 to 5:00, so you’ll probably hear Traveling Dunk Tank three or four times. There aren’t many opportunities to see Doomtree with your mom, your dog, and your baby, so I’d recommend strapping on the fanny pack and hitting … Read More

KRS-ONE @ Trocaderos


Tonight (Friday) the one and only KRS-ONE hits Minneapolis for a show at Trocaderos. The opening acts are nothing to shake a stick at either: Kanser, Muja, Truthmaze, B-Girl All Stars and more. But we’re particularly pleased to inform you that our own Dessa has teamed up with Maria Isa, Sha Cage and Indigo to form First Ladies of the Word, an … Read More

SXSW Update 2


Hi Mom. We’re back from Texas, safe and sound. We’ll post the pics and videos soon. Say hi to Dad if he’s still around.

SXSW Update


If driving from the East to the West (or vice versa) is considered driving cross-country, what is it called when you drive from the North to the South? Don’t know that I’ve heard a term for it, but it should probably remain nameless, as a trek like that should occur only under very specific, personally important, and occassional circumstances–not on … Read More



Sims & Mictlan are hitting Fargo tomorrow (Friday) for two shows at the Aquarium (no Nemo). All ages at 5, ID at 9. What are you gonna do about it? And remember, Dessa is in Nashville the same night. If your mom was from Fargo and your dad was from Nashville, I think it’d be safe to assume that they met at … Read More

Doomtree @ SXSW


Doomtree will be playing three times at SXSW this year, so there’s no excuse to miss us altogether. Unless you’re not going to SWSW. I suppose that’s an acceptable excuse. So there’s exactly one excuse not to catch us. No, wait. Two. Or wait one. You know what? Nevermind, man. Just bring your silly ass out: Two shows on the … Read More

We're Working Hard™


What up what up. Been a minute. But let it be known, We’re Workin’ Hard™. Be patient. It’ll all pay off very very soon. In the meantime, you may be interested to know: This Friday Mictlan, Sims, and Paper Tiger will all be taking work off in observance of Dre Day. As they do every year, the Burlesque guys are throwing … Read More


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Holy mother of invention. The Blowout is tonight. We have all kinds of crazy crap to do before the doors open (Good Morning America, pull-ups, pot roast) so let’s make this brief: Please show up as early as you can. If not to ensure entrance, then because a full night of entertainment begins AT EIGHT PM SHARP. That’s right. At doors. … Read More

Blowout 3

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Yes ma’am, it’s getting to be that time of year again: Mother Earth is preparing herself for slumber, and as soon as she fully drifts off Doomtree will be sneaking out of the house with a twenty we nicked from her purse, half a fifth of Hot 100, and a taste for trouble. We plan to once again satisfy that … Read More