Into The Spin Tour – Sioux Falls

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Take a look at these photos of Dessa, Sims and Lazerbeak from the first night of the Into The Spin Tour! Click on any of the three to view the whole set, shot by Kate Monson. Make sure you don’t miss the show if we’re playing near you….are we playing near you? Find out at! Also be sure to … Read More

Tour Days with Lazerbeak

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Ayo!  Welcome back to another incredibly glorious photo blog edition of Tour Days With Lazerbeak.  At this point we only have one week left on the road before returning home to Minneapolis to rock the two night Doomtree Blowout 6.  Tour is absolutely ruling.  We had the good fortune of having not one but two super pro photographers (Bennie and … Read More

Tour Days with Lazerbeak

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Welcome to this very special second edition of Tour Days With Lazerbeak (see what I did there?).  We just dove into our fourth straight week on the road and life is good.  The shows are going awesome and we’re meeting all sorts of great people on our trek across this great nation.  I’ve especially enjoyed our time in the South. … Read More


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Hey there and welcome back to Tuesdays With Lazerbeak. Sorry for the lack of blog presence over the last few weeks. This first half of tour was quite the grind: 13 shows in 13 days. Moral is extremely high though after finally having our first day off in Austin last night. The west coast was incredible. Some of the best … Read More

On the overnight drive.

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Most of Doomtree had some variety of respiratory infection for the past week. In the van at night, chesty coughs rose from every direction in the darkness.  Lazerbeak (ever the optimist) was convinced that his rising fever was evidence that his body was beating the infection. Somehow this line of reasoning took hold, and as our conditions worsened, we became … Read More

Tuesdays With Lazerbeak (tour pics)

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And we’re off! The Doomtree Wings + Teeth tour is officially underway, and right now I am live blogging from the tour van as we head down to Omaha for the second show of the run. Blamo, look how far we’ve come. I’m gonna probably just start posting a bunch of pictures throughout the week and change the format up a … Read More

Doomtree: Wings + Teeth Tour 2010

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Tickets on sale: 11/1 – Lawrence, KS – Jackpot 11/2 – Omaha, NE – The Waiting Room 11/4  –  Colorado Springs, CO  –  Black Sheep 11/5  –  Denver, CO  –  Marquis Theare 11/6  –  Salt Lake City, UT  –  Kilby Court (AA) 11/6  –  Salt Lake City, UT  –  Urban Lounge (21+) 11/7  –  Missoula, MT  –  The Palace … Read More