Where to start? Saturday night was one of the best we’ve ever had. We had a feeling the show would be good, but what actually happened was something none of us saw coming. Thank you to everyone that came and stood in line for an hour. Thank you (and sorry) to everyone that got turned away—next time. Major thank yous to Jason, Eric, and everyone else at the Varsity. You’ve got one helluva club, and you all made us feel totally at home. Thanks to KHS (Adam, Eric, Derek, Greg, Ike, Paul, Justin): That shit was unbelievable. Also unbelieveable: Paul and Justin owning on the projection tip. Oh man. Thanks to Rachel for killing it on the giveaways (and Christin), Diana for holding down the merch (hard), everyone that shot footage of the show (Maria, Isaac, Lisa, Ryan, Pete, and everyone else), and Joe Mabbott for recording every drunken misstep in crystal clear hi-fidelity. Thanks to all the breakers that came through. Y’all killed it. And thanks to everyone that put up giveaway items. Undoubtedly some of the best businesses anywhere: Fifth Element, ROBOTlove, Poohki and Steady Tattoo, CalSurf, and Muddy Waters. I suppose that’s enough. One last one: Thank you to everyone that made the Blowout a night none of us will soon forget.

And don’t forget: we’ll be holding it down for our brothers Mel Gibson and the Pants at their CD release show this Saturday the 17th at the Triple Rock.

MGATP, Doomtree, and Dosh. 2 shows. All ages at 5:00, 21+ at 10:00. $6 each.