45 Degrees North


Alrighty. First off, this week’s show: SimsCecil Otter, and Mictlan headline the first night of the first year of the 45 Degrees North Music Festival on Tuesday the 5th at First Ave. Don’t miss this one, as everyone on the bill is the beez kneez. KanserBig QuartersKill the Vultures, and Toki MF Wright will all be in the place. It’s all love. And if I’m not mistaken, Etcetera, Eric Ink, and some other art homeys will be dazzling your eyeballs throughout the night. (Check the show on the 9th at the Triple Rock as well. It’s the homecoming show for the Plastic Constellations.)

Oh, if only the mainstream media would let us lead our lives! If it pleases you, there are a few new pieces to rid you of your unbridled blood-thirst for non-celebrity gossip. First, Caught in the Crossfire out of the UK just upped a recent interview with most of the crew. Word to Sam and Chris, the coolest young Brits since Craig David. Next, the first issue of Metro Magazine comes out tomorrow on newsstands all over the Twin Cities. There’s a hefty piece on Doomtree, with photos by our main man Bo Hakala. If you like us, antique hunting, and fourteen dollar cocktails, you’re set. Or share with a family member. Learn together, build meaningful connections. That’s what it’s all about. And finally, Sims would like to clarify that in regards to this week’s “They’re Just Like Us” section of US Magazine, it was purely a coincidence that he and Gavin Rossdale were at the same Santa Monica Starbuck’s. Although he harbors no ill will towards the hunky man-rocker, he has an image to preserve, and has already been hurt by accussations of canoodling with Mischa Barton on a floaty off the coast of France. To clarify once again, they were fighting a shark.

Congrats to P.O.S, Dessa, and Lazerbeak on their MN Music Awards nominations. Bring home the Cold Stone Creamery gift certificates or don’t come home at all, y’all.