P.O.S and Turbo Nemesis kick off their tour with Minus the Bear, Russian Circles, and the Velvet Teen tonight in Chicago, Illanoize. They’re out for a while, so you can probably catch them in a town near you. Check the SHOWS page for complete listings.

Dessa and Sims are playing tomorrow night at Nutty’s in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the birthplace of not only Entertainment Tonight’s bloodless, skull-faced co-anchor Mary Hart, but also the Insider himself, original Jerky Boy Pat O’Brien. As moms used to say, there’s no such thing as a coincidence. Plain Ole Bill and Jimmy2Times will also attempt the trek to the “Gateway to the Plains.” Friday, October 6th. Nutty’s North. 10pm. 21+. $5. w/ Black Glow.

Assuming Jimmy and Bill make the journey without too many broken axles or stolen bullets, Sims and the boys will kill themselves a bear, load up 15 pounds of its meat and head to Boulder, Colorado for a show with Musab, who takes airplanes. Sunday, October 8th. Fox Theater. 8pm. All Ages.

Lastly, congrats to P.O.S and the Plastic Constellations on their MMA wins last week, particularly their shared victory in the “Teen Choice: Hottest Lip-Lock” category.