Blowout Jr.

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It’s definitely a sign of a good show when everyone involved is still walking around in a fog four days later. The Blowout has proven itself to be one such show, and today’s City Pages seems to concur. We’re shaking it off and moving on, though. We’ve got to ensure that the Blowout Jr (Dec 16. T-Rock. 5pm. $8. 20 and under. Tickets.) is just as hot as its Sr. But before we do…

Thank Yous:
Many thanks are due to KHS, Paul, Justin, and Seth for all their work in making the Blowout look awesome. Man, it looked awesome. Thanks to Cres, I Self, Jessy, Jimmy, Bill, Nikoless, and Espada for showing up and making us look cool. Thanks to all of the breakers (especially Monarc and J-Sun on the round-up). Y’all killed it. Thanks to Bo, Brady, and their whole crew for capturing lightning in a jar. And thanks to Tasty Lighting for lighting that lightning. Thanks to Drew C. and Clockwork Construction for their assistance in building ridiculous shit. Thanks to E-Rock and Diana for being the most persuasive and efficient pushers we know. Thanks to hot moms Kat and Christin for lending their raffling expertise. Thanks to John G for being John G. Thanks to Carissa and Amy for listening to people’s darkest secrets for four hours. Thanks to the Onion, the Current, ROBOTlove, Fifth Element, Calsurf, and People Serving People for being the greatest sponsors the world has ever known. And a huge thanks to First Avenue’s staff and crew. Shit was poppin’. Finally, thanks to every single one of you who braved the cold and the temptation of Gn’R to come down to First Ave and party with us. Whether you traveled four blocks or four thousand miles, we so appreciate your support, and hope to see you at every Blowout for the next thirty years.
Thank you.

In other news, P.O.S’ new video for Bleeding Hearts Club is out, and MTVu has been playing the crap out of it. You can watch it here or here. The 12″ comes out soon too. You can preorder it fromfifthelementonline.

Just announced: Cecil Otter, Dessa, MK Larada, and Turbo Nemesis are playing a show this Friday (the 8th) at Grinnell College in Iowa. The show’s at nine in Gardner Lounge, and if it’s anything like the last couple times we’ve been there, it should be outta hand. Kids get down in the middle of Iowa, man. This show is all ages and open to the public, so why not make a weekend of it? Directions.

Talk to you soon. Don’t forget: BLOWOUT JR. DECEMBER 16. TRIPLE ROCK. BE THERE.