Oh, this old thing? Shucks. Hey, as long as we’re flirting, WHAT ARE YOU DOING FRIDAY?

Doomtree’s Friday the 13th party is going down at the Turf Club, and I (all of Doomtree) was hoping you (all of the Twin Cities) could come.

The whole Doomtree family will be in the house, and God willing so will you. This will be your only opportunity to catch the entire collective this summer, so it’s aahbviously gonna be pretty special. No openers, no downtime, no messing around. We’re talking nothing but the dj’s, the rappers, the drinks, the dancing, the boys, the girls, the photo booth. We got the new shits, the old favorites, something borrowed, something blue. It will be like a concert, except fun.

Fact: I will be waiting, in my only clean shirt at the bar, casting hopeful glances toward the door every time it opens.

Fact: you will feel like a stupid, stupid bastard if you miss this show.

See you Friday.