Coupla big shows

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Big coupla weeks for shows, peoples. Couldn’t help but get on the innanet and holler about it.

First (and perhaps weirdest) we have Dessa’s psuedo-real performance at IPR on Thursday the 6th at 8:00pm CST. This is what’s happening: Dessa will be headlining the show with several hand-picked openers, and despite the venue’s limited “actual capacity” the whole thing will be streamed live via the internet here (this link won’t be live until 8 on Thursday), and in Second Life at a club called the Grotto. This is the first-ever Doomtree show that’s being broadcast (second) live, so please join us for this landmark occasion. Some kid wearing an iridescent hat and vacuum shoes just tried to explain the whole thing to me, but it went right over my head. Here’s hoping you McFlys out there know the dealz.

OK, so leading up to Dessa’s e-mazing headling set (and Q&A session, Max Headroom style), it goes like this:

At eight sharp we’ve got the miracle-man-machine DJ Snuggles, who—despite his somewhat confusing moniker—is the best beatboxist in the history of fabric-softener-related rap music. Immediately after that comes Toki Wright. This is Toki’s last local show for a while, as he’ll be spending the next 14 months on the road as Barack Obama’s hype man. (That’s obviously not true, but I can totally imagine it, and it’s awesome—Toki all running around the stage shouting and shit. Shit yeah. [by the way, I have no idea what Toki’s personal politics are—he may very well be a Hillary man—but I know I’ll follow him wherever]). Then we’ve got a newcomer named Mike Mictlan, whom I’ve heard is a very angry young man. Can’t vouch for him necessarily (more of a James Taylor, James Blunt fan), but I’m all for giving kids an out from the street life.

TO RECAP: This Thursday, September 6th, 8pm Central. Dessa, Mictlan, Toki, and Snuggles at IPR (across from the Vu on Washington, Downtown Mpls), and online here (Quicktime required), and at the Grotto in Second Life. Whoa nelly.

NEXT on the show list be the P.O.S/Sims/Paper Tiger homecoming parties at the Seventh Street Entry on Saturday the 8th. Those tre dudes (plus one Lynch) have spent the last six weeks thanklessly entertaining the youf of America and growing ill-advised facial hair, so the least we can do is welcome them home with open arms and pocketbooks.

The early, all-ages show features Sarah Johnson (apparently a band of young bruisers, and not the Sarah Johnson you knew in third grade), the Millionth Word (a girl you knew in eighth grade), Digitata (a girl you wish you knew in high school and the two dudes who made sure you didn’t), and assorted members of Doomtree.

The late, 21 and ups show features the Millionth Word (who will be very drunk), Digitata (who will be very high), Kill the Vultures (who will be very awesome), and assorted members of Doomtree (who will be very drunk, high, and decent).

Remember: Saturday, Semptember 8th. 7th St. Entry. $9.50. All ages at 5pm, 21+ at 9pm.

Then, on Thursday the 13th (the second scariest day possible), Seattmo’s own Grayskul hit the Entry to celebrate the release of their new record, Bloody Radio(which, if I’m not mistaken, is a dis record directed at the BBC), and it’s going to be a preeetty huge party: Mark Lethal—arguably Kansas City’s best-looking man since George Brett—will dazzle you with his stories of “the good life,” Mictlan and Paper Tiger will attempt to fleece you with their rudimentary sleight-of-hand (DO NOT be taken in), and Special Guests will amaze you with their potential appearances. On top of all that, Brother Ali will serve as host, shaming the Woolerys, Eubanks, and RodgeLodges of the world with his remarkable aptitude for host-age situations. 7th St. Entry. 9pm. $8/$10. 18+.

Finally, on Sunday, September 16th Dessa will be playing the “Back to School Mash Up” at the Varsity Theater with Muja Messiah and a bunch of others. There’s nothing like getting messed up on a school night to really drive home the fact that you’re back on the grind. 10:30 pm. $6. 18+.