What up though. We’re keeping on with the myspace new/rare/bad innundation. It’s been fun, and should continue to be until we’re left with only the bad. Despite what you think, you’re not going to want to hear the bad about as much as you don’t want to view the footage of your own conception (which we will also not upload out of respect). Also, thanks for your suggestions; they hold no bearing whatsoever on what we decide to do. (Joke.)

Congrats to Atmosphere on today’s release of their new opus When Life Gives You Lemons, Don’t Immediately Assume That Life Is Trying to Fuck With You. Do You Have Scurvy? If So, Then Thanks a Mill, Life. Or something like that. Nonetheless, our very own MK Larada did all the illustration and design on all of thems. So cop it. Minneapolis Hip Hop, son. Fore-bearers aside, Atmosphere created this. We’re merely decorating it.