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It’s that time of the week again, I gotta start where I left off:  Vikes!!!  What more can I say, my man Sims summed it up beautifully in the post below me.  Living in Minnesota my whole life, there is such a sense of pride when the national spotlight is on your guys and they just go out there and handle it.  Now if the Twins can just find a way to beat the Tigers today and make the playoffs, my heart might explode.  Enough about sports though.  Let me see if I can break down some other things that are really awesome.  This will be an ongoing segment.



1. Finding Nemo

There is an argument to be made (and not just by grade shoolers) that Finding Nemo is quite possibly the greatest movie of all time.  I whole heartedly believe it, and I’m pretty sure my wife does too.  You’ve probably seen it, but you should probably see it again and be comforted by the fact that you are witnessing one of the greatest stories ever told.


2. Hall and Oates

I never even knew that timeless music like this existed until about two years ago, so I am way late to this party.  But let me just say, if you think “Rich Girl” is the only hit these two could muster, you have some serious soul searching to do.  Again I’m going to plug The Essential Collection series, do yourself a favor and get the double disc.  It will go down as one of the best things you ever did for yourself.  Man I love these guys a little too much.


3. Crockpots and the food that resides inside of them.

Are you starving and in the mood for the best food you’ve ever tasted?  You should probably throw some things into one of these bad boys and kick your feet up for awhile, because the crockpot is gonna take care of you my friend.  Possibilities are endless: Chili, pulled pork, nachos, soup, stew, ribs, lil smokies, and on and on.  The most crockpots we’ve had going at one time is five, but I am determined to top that at this years Super Bowl party.  And stay tuned because as we get closer to that glorious day, I am going to  impart some serious wisdom upon you.  That’s right,  The Mader Family’s World Famous Nacho Cheese recipe will finally be revealed!!  Legend Recognize Legend.  So don’t sleep.

There you have it.  Three things that everybody loves, because they just plain rule.


– If you live in Minnesota, please come down to the Fine Line tomorrow night (10/7/09) and check out quite a few members of Doomtree play at the B96 Homegrown Show.  That station is starting to show local hip hop some love, let’s give them a reason to keep it up.

– When you are out buying that Hall and Oates double disc, you should also cop another record made by an awesome duo: The homies BK-One and Benzilla are releasing their new album, “Radio Do Canibal,” on Rhymesayers today.  It is incredible, and it also has a guest verse from one of the best to ever do it: Scarface. Absolutely legendary material.

OK, next Tuesday it is.  Go Twins!!!

– Beak