Instrumental Saturday

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fh14 cover

Despite the fact that I didn’t make these beats Imma post ’em up on here so y’all can peep ’em.  Figured I could let you know a little about my process in writing. I don’t know maybe we’ll do some remix contest or something in the future.  MK made this beat a year or two ago and sent it to me with some other ones. I sort of forgot about it until I was trying to piece together FH14.  So I found it and made one of those really quick songs. The kind that you start and finish within an hour. That rarely happens to me. Soon as I finished and called him. He didn’t have the beat anymore. His computer had crashed and the only surviving version of the beat was an MP3 on my iTunes. Dang. Thinking that we weren’t going to be able to use the song I sent him the file anyway. He was able to add a few things on top of it and we made the damn thing happen.

Like You Mean It