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Welcome back to another edition of Tuesdays With Lazerbeak.  First off, just want to say a huge thank you to everybody that made it out to last week’s “Making Music” series at the UofM.  ‘Preciate you very much.  As nervous as I was about it, it actually ended up going really well and the trip down memory lane was a lot awesomer than I imagined.  Since I’m still in full blown reminiscing mode, I figured I’d make a childhood list and hopefully close out a few chapters of my early life.  I also threw a half-assed Thanksgiving theme on there to keep current with the times.  And so I give to you:  

“Three Fashion Statements I Am Thankful I Have Made And Therefore Never Have To Make Again”  

first day of school 

1.)  The “Purple Wranglers Tucked Into Socks” look.  Although it would be hard to hate on the oversized crazy Jordan graphic tee and white L.A. Gear Pumps (those joints broke the first day I got them though!).  I believe this look has actually made a comeback recently (see most overhyped new rappers with an internet buzz).  


hulk hogan

2.) The “Wearing A Sweatshirt Of Your Favorite Wrestler While Going To Meet And Get Said Favorite Wrestler’s Autograph” look.  Wasn’t there a rule about this in PCU?  From what I remember, Mean Gene was way cooler than both Hulk and Brutus the Beefcake combined.


3.) The “XXXL Oversized Garfield T-shirt Tucked Into Umbros And Then Tucked Again Into Biker Shorts” look.  Might’ve been a little too ahead of the times for 4th grade.  You couldn’t tell me nothing.

There you have it.  Legendary looks from one Legend to another.  

A couple more things before I get outta here.  Don’t forget to download the homie Paper Tiger’s new 20 Minute Mixtape.  It’s totally free, it rules, and it’s the kick off to a new series of genre themed tapes from Paper.  Seriously do it.  



And while I’m at it, let’s throw in a couple Bonus Jams for good measure.  Just what I was feeling at the time (© Hov). 

Stevie Wonder – “All I Do” <—– click here

I think this might be my favorite Stevie song ever.  Hotter Than July is an absolute monster of a record and the music on here just sounds so filthy.  Permanent face of disgust when this comes on (and you’ll remember that is a really good thing somehow).

Bobby Caldwell – “Open Your Eyes” <—– click here

I know, I know.  The song that Common/Dilla sampled.  This original is 10 million times better though.  It somehow has this eternal groove that never ends (naturally).  The rest of this dude’s catalog is suspect at best, although “What You Won’t Do For Love” is pretty classic as well.  Man I love this song.

OK, that’s it for this week.  I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.  Let’s eat our faces off in the comfort of our own homes, in the comfort of our own house shoes.  

— Beak