Thank You

DessaDessa, News

Well, it’s the middle of the night, and my album is slated for official release tomorrow. My impulse is to write a long, lyrical ‘thank you’ note, but my other impulse is the pass the eff out. Splitting the difference:

SanFranBeakEatingOKHey Lazerbeak? Thanks. You and Ander have put so many hours into this thing. I owe you one, man. And you’re next.

MK Larada, you’re ridiculous. The album art elevates the entire project.

Hey Lupe Fiasco[‘s intern], thanks. I got a little mention on your blog today, and that means a lot. Cause I’m a fan.

People who’ve purchased the album: Thank You. When I did my live broadcast last week, no one leaked the password. No one. If you’re not running an independent record label in your free time, I can’t impress upon you how rare that it is in hip hop–in popular music in general. It’s almost impossible to attracting a listenership who’s willing to buy music, let alone who’s willing to play by the rules to be part of a larger idea, to make a bigger plan possible. Thanks.