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Ok, let’s just have out with it. Lazerbeak is the only one of us with the temerity, discipline, and purity of character to blog on a regular basis. But, I’m determined to get my ass in gear and start contributing more regularly.

Let’s start with some light fare: our schedule of upcoming shows.

During my lap around the country with P.O.S, I acquired  a (drumroll) BOOKING AGENT. For the readers amongst you who are not underground rappers signed to independent labels, suffice it to say that this was an exciting development. I’ve been trying for four or five years to get a booking agent. Now that I’ve got one, I’m not sure exactly what to expect–every rung in the carreer ladder is a fresh opportunity for wide-eyed confusion. But his name is Joe and he seems like  a decent, genuine guy and he works for a fancy agency named CAA in a fancy city named New York.

While Joe is busy seeing if any of his pre-existing contacts would like to book an evening of sad rap songs, Doomtree has lined up a pretty great run of summer shows. The non-exhaustive list is below:

Cadence Hip Hip Series at the Guthrie — May 5, 6, 7

Sue McLean, one of Minnesota’s big-time promoters, kindly invited me to curate a three-day hip hop series at the Dowling Studio in the Guthrie. I enthusiastically agreed. I’m happy to unveil the Cadence Hip Hop Series. Put on your Sunday best for some first-rate secular entertainment. Each evening will involve live musical performance, really good spoken word, a killer DJ, and a smattering of literary talent. The line up is below. You can buy tickets for all three nights here.

May 5: Maria Isa, M.anifest, DJ Paper Tiger, Shane Hawley
May 6th: Sims, Toki Wright, DJ Plain Ole Bill, Shane Hawley, Maggie Sanford
May 7th: Dessa with live ensemble, Matthew Santos Trio, DJ Paper Tiger, Shane Hawley, Brian Judd

Soundset–May 30

Rhymesayers’ annual hip hop festival. If you don’t know, ask somebody. Or excuse yourself from the conversation for a bit of frantic googling on your iPhone. Both Cecil Otter and I will perform at this year’s event. Tickets and information here.

LynLake Festival–May 16

Sims, Mike Mictlan & Lazerbeak tear up Uptown–with permission.

Grand Old Day–June 6

The whole Doomtree crew tears up Saint Paul–no matter what they say.

More announcements to follow, please keep us in your hearts. And day planners.