Linking Up

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The satellite images show a lot of activity at Doomtree HQ this week. Paper Tiger has been working round the clock to finish a special Doomtree musical compilation for our art show at the Minnneapolis CO Gallery on the 26th of June. We’ll be presenting a decade of our own visual artwork and some selected pieces created by (pretty effing) talented fans. Fora an interview with the gallery curator, click here.

Meanwhile, Made Like Us (Paper’s full-length debut) is getting a bit of well deserved attention from the blogosphere. If you’re the calendar-keeping type, make sure to mark the release date. July 27th. It’s gonna be a party. Two words: Doomtree Karaoke.

Lazerbeak, P.O.S, and I recently accompanied Sims to one of the final studio sessions for his full-length record. We argued about snare drums, back-up vocals, and asked Joe to turn up sounds he’d just turned down. In the middle of the afternoon, a reporter from Kare 11 came by and shot a bit of candid footage. If you’d like to check out the awe-inspiring informality of a Doomtree recording session, you can do so here.

A couple of weeks ago, a invited me to select a book for the literary forum on their site. (This warrants a pause in the action to thank MTV for maintaining a literary forum on their site.) I picked a book of essays by one of the writers I most admire, David Foster Wallace. My interview is posted here. The photo was taken by Isaac Gale, last-minute, in a hotel lobby in Pheonix. He’s a monster with a camera/jumprope/fur-lined hat.

In personal news, I moved into a new apartment this week. Big ups to Lazerbeak, Sims, and Ander for hefting furniture down three flights of stairs, and then up another three flights ofstairs. I don’t know how people without rap crews get anything done.

Oh, and thanks to Dad to. Don’t forget it’s Father’s Day tomorrow. (Hot tip: Dads love grilling in a Classic Doomtree Tee this year.)