The Release Show

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So it is finally the big day of the album release party!  Can’t tell you how extremely excited I am to celebrate with all of my ultimate homies.  You can still get advance tickets at Fifth Element, Electric Fetus, and the FineLine box office.  Otherwise go HERE to cop them online.  Below is the flyer with all the details, along with the awesome promo video for good measure.  And HERE is a link to a video of the Ensemble Of Legendz first live performance at The Current studios.  We’re gonna be performing the entire album front to back with an eight piece live band (no samples!), so expect a very special evening with a ton of new arrangements.  How many times do I have to mention that these guys are serious pros?  Music is gonna get started pretty much right away, so I’d get there closer to 9:00 if you don’t wanna miss anything.  Ok, see you tonight!  Let’s pop these bottles!



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— Beak