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Hello and welcome back to Tuesdays With Lazerbeak.  Man, time appears to be flying at a rate that I once never thought possible.  Can’t believe that one week from now we will already be one show into our five week Wings + Teeth tour.  This week is gonna be completely nutz getting all the loose ends tied up, but as soon as we pile into that van it is going to be absolutely glorious.  Check out all the tour dates HERE.  We’re gonna be all over the country so chances are we’re not too long of a drive away from your town at some point throughout.  Then to top it all off we’ll be doing a special two night Blowout bonanza at First Ave on December 10th and 11th.  You can get advance tickets online HERE.  Rap shows dude.

I decided to just post a ton of pictures from the last week or two since time is of the essence right now.  Last week we celebrated the big homie Sims’ born day.  Check out this awesome cake that his lady Sara got him.

sims bday

Crushing crime indeed.  Before the celebration really started I somehow found a way to sneak in some tour work.  Here is a picture of the crew stuffing envelopes with posters to be sent out to all the club promoters.  What other rap crew do you know that personally does this?


And here is the birthday dude himself helping out.  Total grinder.

posters 2

The rest of the night is a little fuzzy for me due to the fact that every other person that stepped into the door seemed to bring a different bottle of whiskey as a gift.  Yikes.  We certainly did it real big.

The week before that I had the opportunity to travel out to Maggie Valley, North Carolina with my wifepiece Brittany and visit her grandma who has a little summer house right in the middle of the Smoky Mountains.  I’d been hearing about this place and how beautiful it was for years, so I was super pumped it finally worked out to go check it out.  I’ve only ever been through North Carolina a couple times on tour, but I’ve always really enjoyed myself out there and felt right at home (plus the BBQ is the best).  Below is a recap of our awesome time.


Obligatory airplane window view pic.  Clouds dude.  We got on the plane and immediately realized how many people were wearing NASCAR memorabilia.  Turns out there was a huge national race going on in Charlotte that weekend.  Pretty intense stuff.


The extremely awesome Buick rental car that we got upon arrival.  I’ve always been a life long Camry man, but I gotta say this thing was incredibly luxurious.  Might have to add it to the fleet someday.  Buttons on the steering wheel!




A few shots of our wonderful host and the view from the backyard.  Mountains for days.  Totally nutz.


A crazy cemetary across the street where a ton of confederate soldiers were buried.

grannys 1

grannys 2

Granny’s Fried Chicken Palace, a local institution.  This place more than lived up to it’s name, and also served some kind of delicious never ending corn fritter donut holes that I had never seen before.  This is the type of establishment reserved for true Bawses.

blue ridge

The next day we took a scenic drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway to the entrance of the Smoky Mountain National Park.  The Buick handled like a champ too.

smoky diagram

The gift shop.  I forgot what a sucker I am at these places.  At one point I looked down to realize I had 3 different Appalachian mountain music CDs in my hands as well as several homemade canning jars of something called Spicy Chow Chow.  Haha.  Luckily I came to my senses and traded it all in for a can of grape pop.


The whole trip we were surrounded by such great beauty that I decided it was only right to develop a pose in which you attempt to proclaim to the world how truly incredible it’s creations are.  Here are a few examples:

pose 2

pose 3

pose 4

pose 1

Still a work in progress, but there has to be a way of getting this point across without just standing around smiling.


Every night we’d make a fire in this crazy orange ’60’s fireplace and play cards.  Here’s a shot of Grandma, Brittany, and my two awesome brother-in-laws Nate and JC.  JC absolutely destroys at cards and won every round of the trip, which is why he has that stupid huge smile on his face I think.

card game

And finally a shot of the local bar in town that had wi-fi.  You couldn’t make this stuff up.  LEGENDZ.  Live your brand.


All in all this trip ruled super hard.  Huge shouts to the entire Cameron family for sharing this wonderful part of their life with me.  To top it all off, on our drive back to the airport we got to stop at this whole in the wall North Carolina BBQ joint called Ray’s.  Totally outrageous.  This is how it’s done.


Gonna leave you with one incredibly long Video Bonus Jam.  If you have not seen this new Kanye West Runaway movie yet, you have to set aside 40 minutes of your life this week and watch the whole thing front to back.  Who does this kind of stuff anymore?  I honestly can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the amount of creativity and passion this man consistently dumps into everything.  The end result isn’t always good, but it’s rarely bad.  Couldn’t be more excited for the album.

I hope you have an incredible week.  These posts are definitely gonna be a little more sporadic and condensed during the next five weeks of tour, but I’m gonna try to at least keep posting a bunch of pictures and whatnot.  Hope to see and meet a ton of you out on the road.  Come introduce yourself.  This is gonna be so awesome.


— Beak