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Well, we are officially back home in beautiful Minneapolis, and I am once again writing this blog from the comfort of my home.  The last five weeks of tour were absolutely legendary.  Amazing times with my amazing friends.  And now we can finally say that the whole entire crew has toured the country together!  I really didn’t expect so many people to show up to these shows.  It was such a truly encouraging and humbling experience stepping on stage every night to such loud support.  I just can’t thank everybody enough for coming out and letting us know.

I think we all took so much out of this tour.  Friendships are stronger, batteries are recharged, and everybody seems to have this super intense take over the world mentality moving forward from here on out.  I cannot wait to start making new music with my ultimate homies.  I really feel like my team is stronger than it ever has been before.  And man, I love my team (Drake should probably start seeing points off every time someone in Doomtree uses that phrase).


This weekend we will officially end the tour with two incredible nights in our hometown at First Ave.  The Doomtree Blowout Six.  This is seriously gonna be one for the ages.  Check out the incredibly epic and informative promo video above for all the details (courtesy of the immensely talented Ander Other).  Limited tickets should still be available at The Depot, Fifth Element, Electric Fetus, and Ticketmaster.  Get em quick though, you really do not want to miss this.  Come down and get out of your minds (shouts to Lil Jon) with us!

Below are some more random pictures from the last week on the road.  Highlights included an international Mall Bros excursion in Montreal, Mike ordering peppermint hot chocolate at Denny’s, and a larger than life all crew raging hotel party/team building session after our last show in Madison.  It was the best of times.  I am beaming with pride.  Doomtree’s better.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week.  I can’t wait to see you all this weekend!

— Beak

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cecil nutcracker

hotel lobby

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